Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 12th Mar 2020 Episode Written Update (12/3/2020)


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Air Date: 12 March 2020

Full Written Update: Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 12/3/2020 Episode Start with Devika ask Shravan to do something so that they could sit together well in the classroom. When it comes Suman and Devika glares while Shravan smile. Devika said that they would meet in the recess and leaves.

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Shravan Suman asked if there was a problem because he has a sad face. Shravan said that he will have lunch with Devika in recess. Suman asked what their problems. Shravan said that he could not sit with Devika so he sad.

When the captain came and said that today there will be no rest because they have to practice for the annual function. Shravan got very happy because there will not be any recess and he will miss the lunch with Devika.

Anjali and Vijay decided to talk with Sumanabout what he would do after 12 after his parade.

Devika search for Shravan. Aneesh called him to sit near him and says that he can find out where Shravan is viewed Saheb. Devika thanked. Aneesh ask Saheb to sit near them and ask him when Shravan exercise will begin.

Then the teacher explains the scene to Shravan and Suman and remind them to feel their characters. Both went on stage to rehearse. Saheb wish all the best for Shravan.

Suman and Shravan hug scene will occur when Devika come and Shravan stop seeing him. Suman looked at him. Shravan said that he felt a bit embarrassed. Suman see Devika and understand. He called Devika on stage and asked him to stay there and motivate Shravan. Devika says Shravan is not necessary, but Shravan said that he would call but forgotten because of the tension play. Suman advised him to practice with Devika all thinking that he is Heer, lead play but Shravan said that he was afraid to cross lineage. He asked Devika to sit while they practice once again.

Devika went to sit down. Shravan think that now he will get a little bit of fun understanding that Suman make fun of him. She began acting more and hugged tightly Suman. Suman asked him what he was doing. Shravan said that he did what he would do with Devika and about to kiss her hand but Suman took them back and said they would practice in front of the teacher and that’s enough for now. Devika upset to see the closeness and leaves. Suman laugh.

Shravan went to Saheb and asked him if he says Devika about practice time. Saheb replied that he did. Shravan said that she should not trust him and to say that he is a civilian after all but ceased to notice what he said. She goes. Suman laugh.

Devika came out and hit Aneesh. He asked what had happened since he looked sad. Shravan come and say that it is a problem between them. He took Devika side. Devika Suman said that he embraced so tightly in front of him so that what they have to do behind it. Shravan said that it is Suman who asked him to imagine Devika in place and get a feel. Devika ask her if she imagines him there and if it was wrong all these Suman. He said yes and said that it was only because he had a magnetic personality. Devika laughing and they left. Aneesh their appearance and wonder what Suman find in Shravan.

Suman and Kanchan laugh making fun of Shravan. They ride the bus. This Aneesh hear them and think that Suman does not seem keen on Shravan so he must be lying. She decided to find the truth.

Kavita suggest Devraj to invest money in the business Ramesh.

Bunty Suman call. Kanchan asks him why he called himself. Suman revealed that Bunty was with him on a mission to teach Shravan lessons and then ask Bunty asked Shravan what happens during exercise. Bunty got happy and said that his turn now mocked Shravan and he will not spare him.

When it Shravan came close to Bunty and asked him what he was talking about. Bunty cut off the call and make excuses for Shravan. He then asked Shravan about exercise. Shravan complain about Suman who kept pestering him take Devika’s name. Bunty Devika call “Bhabhi” a

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