Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 12th Feb 2020 Episode Written Update (12/2/2020)


Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 12th February 2020 Written Episode Update, Sony Tv Serial “Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 12 February 2020 Written Update”on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Shravan Ans Suman’s Tussle

Air Date: 12 February 2020

Full Written Update: Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 12/2/2020 Episode Start with Kanchan approaches Suman for what valid justification did she insult Shravan before everyone and even got him hurt, destitute individual. Suman says he took equipped power man’s jacket in the initial segment of the day and is delicate to the point that he couldn’t endure a little push.

Shravan’s father alerts him in case he moves from his seat again, he will push him down. Host calls Colonel Vijay Tiwari before a group of people and regards him with grant for his grit, portraying how he saved various towns from fear ambush. Suman stands and salutes him while everyone acclaim Vijay. Kavita asks regarding whether they can leave now as Shravan is hurt. Devraj says its Shravan’s mistake. Vijay addresses teenagers and gives them moral gyaan.

After event, Kanchan asks Suman to at any rate apologize Shravan. Suman says for what reason should he. Devraj asks Kavita to go with him to meet Vijay. Suman waves at Shravan, anyway he ignores her. Devraj meets Vijay who extols him before daadu’s buddy. Devraj offers thanks toward him. Shravan sees sustenance being served and walk around the area. Rajesh and Gia stuff their plates with sustenance.

Daadu reprimands them not to stuff themselves with so much smooth sustenance. Shravan thinks daddu is serious in solitude adolescents. Daddu stuffs his plate with smooth sustenance. Shravan thinks Daddu powers oversees on everyone beside himself, regardless for what reason should he inconvenience. Devraj respects Vijay’s family for dinner at whatever point. Anjali recognizes welcoming.

Shravan acknowledges sustenance when Suman with Kanchan takes outfitted power expert and solicitations to treat his harm. Shravan says no need. Kanchan calls him cutie pie and solicitations to get treated. Shravan says he feels extraordinary knowing in any occasion someone thinks he is appealing and lets master sustain his damage.

Major Bakshi meets Vijay and asks how is he feeling pondering Suman. Vijay asks what. Bakshi calls Suman and says she is addressing outfitted power school during republic day walk. Everyone acclaim here and Vijay says his day became extraordinary today. Devraj says equipped power school teaches request to understudies and they become careful at young age, looking.

Vijay asks in which school he got Shravan yielded. Shravan says not yet. Vijay says for what reason don’t he yield Shravan in outfitted power school and asks concerning whether its possible. Bakshi says it is if Vijay gives proposal letter. Daddu obliges them and says let us continue to help the child. Suman signals him not to be so unforgiving, yet he takes everyone to Shravan.

Equipped power master Sanjay says Shravan is strong. Devraj says its a little harm. Vijay says it isn’t if Sanjay says. Daddu approaches Shravan for liquor. Devraj says Shravan doesn’t drink. Daddu says Shravan drinks around night time and in the initial segment of the day he got him alcoholic taking armyman’s jacket and Suman getting him.

Suman to manage condition explains that Shravan was glancing through his match ticket. Devraj reprimands Shravan and tears ticket. Vijay takes Devraj aside. Shravan flaws Suman and gets steps to render revenge and names her Sumo. She says she hates scratch Sumo.

Devraj asks with respect to whether Shravan’s certification in furnished power school is possible. Bakshi says yes. Vijay asks Devraj to think once. Devraj says he recently thought well. Shravan says what with respect to his appraisal. Devraj says it doesn’t have any kind of effect. Suman affronts Shravan that now he will be in furnished power school and should be careful.

Around night time, Suman uncovers to Kanchan that she felt happy seeing dad’s joy and will make him proud by winning best cadet award during republic day walk. Both of them go on porch and acknowledge cold. Shravan proceeds porch. Kanchann waves him while Suman endeavors to stop her. Shravan waves back. Suman and Shravan’s dispute starts. He calls her Sumo and she rage. Kanchan says she never thought of scratch Sumo. Suman says she severely dislikes it.

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