Eclipse on children’s education due to the closure of school, gambling became a temple of education


Siddharthnagar: With the closure of a former secondary school in Siddharthnagar district in Uttar Pradesh, the education of the children there has been eclipsed. Students of the village have to move away from the village to continue their education. Some have dropped out of school as school is away. In the closed school building, children are playing cards and gambling instead of studying. At the same time, responsible people are talking about opening the school soon.

Explain that the case is a former secondary school in Risalatpur village of Naugarh development block. Today, about 60 children were studying in this deserted school. In one case what happened to the headmaster of the school, the school was closed.

Parents sayThat the future of students here hangs in the balance. Children studying here have to go to another government school 4 km away to continue their studies. More than half of the children have dropped out of school due to the school away. The children’s parents are shocked and upset by the sudden closure of the school and want the school to open as soon as possible so that their children can go to school again.

Presently, the children of the village play cards and gamble instead of studying in the classrooms of this school which has been closed due to the negligence of the Education Department. The responsible authorities closed the school after a teacher of the school went to jail but left the doors of the classrooms open, not even taking responsibility for locking it. Due to which the temple of education has become gambling food these days.

The students studying in the school are very sad at the closure of the school and this condition of the school.A student told that the school is closed since May. They demand that the school of their village be opened early and they can get rid of the difficulties faced by going away.

On the question of the closure of the school and 60 children going away to continue their education, District Magistrate Deepak Meena says that they have recently got information about it. He has asked for complete information from the Basic Education Officer and will start school at the earliest. Action will also be taken against the Education Department for their negligence in closing the school.

Let me tell you that Siddharthnagar district is included in Akanchha district. Basic Education Minister of the state Satish Dwivedi also belongs to this district. In such a situation, such a big negligence of the education department raises many questions.


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