Dr. Harshvardhan gets big responsibility in WHO, unanimously formed executive board chairman


New Delhi: India’s Health Minister Dr. Harshvardhan has been unanimously elected Chairman of the WHO Executive Board. India has taken over the reins of the executive board of the United Nations’ largest health body at a time when the world is facing a coronavirus crisis.

The meeting was held via video conferencing and was attended by senior officials of the World Health Organization from Geneva. India will be a member of the Executive Board for three years. As the South and Southeast Asia turn for the presidency, India has been given the leadership.

Addressing the post-election executive board, the Indian health minister emphasized global efforts and co-operation for effective measures during the corona epidemic. He said that in order to achieve the goals of universal health coverage, it was imperative that resources be utilized more efficiently, efficiently and effectively.

Dr. Harshvardhan said that the Corona epidemic has exposed the weaknesses of existing health systems in the world. He also said that it has now been proven how serious the consequences of neglecting health can be.

At the same time, before concluding his first address at the meeting, Dr. Harshvardhan gave a standing ovation to all the Corona fighters and their families around the world. The director of the World Health Organization in Geneva, Dr. Tedras and his team also stood up and applauded.

The WHO Executive Board is made up of 34 technically competent members. The main function of the Board is to implement the decisions and policies of the World Health Assembly. In addition, the Board provides guidelines to the World Health Organization.

Importantly, a meeting of the World Health Assembly on May 18-19 passed a unanimous resolution to investigate the causes of the coronavirus entering the human body. Therefore, the responsibility of implementing this important decision of the World Health Assembly lies with Dr. The executive board is headed by Harshvardhan. It was also decided at the board meeting that the next meeting of the governing board of the World Health Organization would be held on January 18, 2021.


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