Doosri Maa 21st March 2023 Episode Written Update (21/3/2023)

Doosri Maa

Doosri Maa 21st March 2023 Written Episode Update, &TV “Doosri Maa 21 March 2023 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.TDoosri Maa

Episode Name: Gupta falls for Kamini’s conspiracy

Doosri Maa Air Date: Doosri Maa 21st March 2023

Full Written Update: Doosri Maa 21/3/2023 Episode Start with Kamini goes to her loved ones. Bansal says today you are saved, yet I won’t stop. He leaves the house. Amma says give her water. Yashoda gives her water. Kamini cries and tells that he has beaten her to such an extent. She embraces Amma and cries. She tells that nothing remains in her life now and cries. She says I didn’t say him anything, I generally brought things from my mayka to run my home. She says today he requested that I get some cash from my mayka, however I told that there is such a lot of issue in my home, in the event that he can’t see. She says he got my neck and beaten me to such an extent. She asks Sonu for what reason he ran there and called them. She says it was smarter to kick the bucket. Yashoda requests that Bansal call jija ji. Krishna asks Sonu not to cry and wipes his tears. Arvind calls him. Yashoda asks Bansal what befell him abruptly. Bansal says your jiji tricked me and says I left her as all of you came, however when I return, I won’t leave her and will make her life as damnation. Babu ji says her dad is as yet alive.

Bansal requests that he save his voice and says giving proclamation in court will be utilized. Amma requests that he pardon Kamini. Bansal says the matter has become more awful and closes the call. Kamini says this man has ended up being distraught, he won’t leave me and will kill me. Mahua says Jiji used to take stuff from our home, he is so modest.

Nupur comes to Aastha’s room and embraces her. Aastha says leave me. Nupur says I love you didi. Yashoda says we will bring her back home. Kamini acts and will not go. She says she would rather not be trouble on them. Yashoda says we are relatives, however we have some distinction. She says you are little girl of the house and will return home. Arvind, Amma and Babu ji request that Kamini get back home. Babu ji says he won’t leave Bansal. Kamini requests that Sonu come to Nana and Nani’s home. Krishna lets Yashoda know that in the event that she don’t feel that they are acting. Yashoda says Jiji is our family and tells that they will help her in her difficult stretch. Krishna says alright. She requests that he get sugar.

Yashoda lets Amma know that she will make breakfast for jiju. Amma requests that Mahua feed food to Sonu. Kamini says she needs to be separated from everyone else for at some point. Amma says let her sit for at some point. Arvind, Amma and babu ji go from that point. Kamini feigns exacerbation and afterward grins. She reviews and a fb is shown. She advises Bansal that Krishna was going to trap him, however Mahua saved her. Bansal says Krishna is ill-conceived, yet is legal counselor’s child. Kamini says I dread that in the event that I get uncovered, my entrance will be restricted, and Amma and Babu ji won’t pardon me. Bansal requests that she quiet down and think. Kamini says I’m not terrified of them, and says since Krishna came, he is inconvenience for me. Bansal says we need to watch out for adversaries for 24 hours. Kamini requests that how watch out for him 24 hours. Bansal says you can watch out for everybody. Kamini inquires as to why Amma and Babu ji will allow me to remain there with Sonu. Bansal tells that they will act to battle, however they will chat on telephone. He makes arrangement and requests that she yell and shout when he claim to squeeze her neck. She says we will battle and afterward Sonu will come and figure that we will take each other’s lives, he will rush to his nana and nani, and they will come here and see you. He says I will leave, then, at that point, you know what to do? Kamini comes to the entryway and profess to battle, when Sonu comes and requests that Bansal leave his Mummy. He races to illuminate everybody. They get blissful and imagine that the work is finished. Fb closes. Kamini thinks well done Bansal ji. She says she will make all the family dance on her tune and afterward this house will be hers and afterward of Sonu. Krishna believes on the off chance that she has come here with terrible aim, I won’t allow her to succeed. Kamini takes the glass and tosses on the floor. Krishna says this house isn’t mine, however of my doosri maa, I won’t allow it to break.

Yashoda hears Aastha let Amma know that she needs Paratha made by mummy. Amma says alright, however you need to eat it. Nupur lets Yashoda know that she had gone to Aastha and embraced her. Yashoda says she will take care of her paratha and make her get it. Babu ji converses with a legal counselor and requests that he tell an exit plan to toss Krishna out. Legal counselor lets him know everything. Babu ji says alright and figures a similar regulation will toss Krishna out of my home.

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