Doctors perform surgery to remove kidney thrice larger than normal


Dehradun, Doctors of the surgery department of Doon Medical College Hospital have operated a telescope method of an old woman and extracted a kidney three times larger than normal. The 66-year-old woman hails from Nilari village in district Chamoli. Doctors claim that this is the first such operation in the hospital. A woman can now lead a normal life with a kidney.

Dr. Abhay Kumar, head of the Department of Surgery, said that the 66-year-old old woman had a stomach ache complaint. On this, he got examined in a private hospital. Investigation revealed that the woman had only four percent of her right kidney function. The kidney had become three times larger than normal due to prolonged closure of the kidney tube due to stones.

For this, the elderly woman had to have abdominal surgery. The family brought the woman to Doon Hospital. Where the team led by senior laparoscopic surgeon Dr. Abhay Kumar performed the successful operation of the female patient using binocular method. With four small leads in the stomach, the kidney was punctured by telescopic method. The team included Dr. Puneet Tyagi, Dr. Atul Singh, Dr. Subha, Dr. Hema Saxena, Dr. Manisha etc. Dr. Ashutosh Sayana, Principal of Doon Medical College, Dr. KK Tamta, Medical Superintendent of the Hospital, Deputy MS Dr. NS Khatri have congratulated the entire team who performed the surgery.

Mind body medicine center will be established in AIIMS

In a workshop organized on the subject of Mind Body Medicine under the auspices of the Department of AYUSH at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Rishikesh, scientific research was emphasized on Yoga, meditation, spirituality and ancient medicine. On the occasion, the director spoke about the establishment of the Mind Body Medicine Center in AIIMS.

The two-day workshop was inaugurated by AIIMS Director Prof. Ravikant, Dean Academic Prof. Manoj Gupta and Dean Aluminae and IBCC head Prof. Bina Ravi lit the lamp. Prof. in the workshop Ravikant said that it is absolutely necessary for the doctors to keep their mind healthy and calm in the current emergency life.

He said that we have to prove our systems of yoga, meditation and spirituality scientifically. The institute will establish Mind Body Medicine Center to promote research in this area. Mind body medicine expert Dr. Pradeep Kumar Jivasu, in a lecture on the main problems of human beings, explained how our brain plays a major role in this.


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