Divya Dutta revealed, ‘I was fired from many films on Last Minute, feeling very helpless’


New Delhi There is a lot of debate in the film industry these days about nepotism, insider versus outsider. Many celebs have given their own statements so far in this debate. Someone has spoken openly about the discrimination they have faced in the industry, while someone has called the debate on nepotism a waste of time. Recently, actress Divya Dutta has revealed about herself. In an interview with the Times of India, the actress told that there have been many such times with her when she was removed from the film on Last Moment.

Divya told, ‘It is a huge loss when you come to a project and then get rejected. Sometimes it is said on the phone that someone else has taken your place. I got fired from many films on Last Minute, then you feel bad. You feel very helpless, because you know that you were right for that role, you could play that role well. But what I noticed is that my family is very strong. My mother used to ask me why I am upset, I used to say that I do not know why I was removed from the film? Then mother used to say, ‘Will this stop your life?’.

‘Life never stops, tomorrow a new day will come, but those people who fired me after a few years, I worked with them and those good roles too’. The actress said, ‘This is your life, so whatever situation comes, you have to make a way out of it, there is no other way than this’. Talking about the work front, Divya is going to be seen in Sheer Qorma soon. In this film, Swara Bhaskar will be in the lead role.


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