Divya Drishti 10th Nov 2019 Episode Written Update (10/11/2019)


Divya Drishti 10th Nov 2019 Episode Written Update, Divya Drishti November 10, 2019 Episode Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Divya Drishti Written Updates

Episode Air Date: 10 November 2019

Written Update : Divya Drishti 10/11/2019 Episode Start with the Pishachini taunting dead Patali and is attempting to weep for her demise as a training. Kal’s death comes there and reprimands her and asks who helped her in her work and Pishachini freezes as she can’t uncover Shekhar’s name. She persuades Kal Devtha and he leaves cautioning her.

Drishti’s family is talking about the situation when Pishachini comes to Shekhar and says about Kal Devtha’s visit. Shekhar frenzies and consents to support her. Meanwhile, Divya and Drishti wonder about the individual who will help them with the situation and Drishti chooses to take Shekhar’s help. She visits him and requests that he bolster them for the situation and Shekhar freezes as he can’t come before Kal Devtha yet at the same time concurs for it having no other choice.

Toward the beginning of the day, Simran says that she couldn’t discover Shekhar anyplace and everybody gets terrified hearing it. Drishti by and by communicates her uncertainty on Shekhar and Divya’s fears when Rakshit chastens her for questioning her mom.

Shekhar comes there and says that he visited the sanctuary for Divya’s case and tied the Raksha damage on her hand. Everybody gets glad. In his room, ee gets hysteresis about observing Kaal death and reviews the discipline he got. He says that he won’t visit the court.

Rakshit, Divya, and Drishti come startled into the court and finds both Kal death and Pishachini missing. Meanwhile, Shekhar pours water on the floor and has a go at slipping however it didn’t hurt a lot. Later Pishachini herself makes him tumble down and he gets frightfully hurt and cautions him not to come to court.

Pishachini goes to the court and gives her proof wherein Divya is cutting Patali. Divya gets hyper saying that it’s bogus and blows up. Kal’s death captures her in fire prison however Drishti spares her. Rakshit says that until she’s demonstrated liable they can’t rebuff her. Later Drishti gives her verification where Pishachini is wounding Patali and everybody including Drishti gets stunned. Pishachini acts frantic and says that all its an untruth.

Shekhar is being treated by Badi maa and his mom and they all marvel about the case. Meanwhile, Pishachini gives her next proof the homicide weapon and the fingerprints match with Divya. Drishti and Divya say that their observer will come to give proof and Pishachini taunts them for him not coming yet. Meanwhile, Shekhar acts to leave to give his observer when Rakshit comes there. He fixes Shekhar and Shekhar ponders about he’s going to escape from it. Drishti and Pishachini have a long battle and Drishti says Kal death that Pishachini executed Patali when she became acquainted with that she’s his girl she slaughtered her and is confining Divya in the homicide. Kal death that allows them 5 hours time to give their observer else Divya will be demonstrated blameworthy. Pishachini blows up at it.

Shekhar apologizes to Divya and she is sorry back. Drishti is enraged to not figure out how to spare Divya. Divya cries and Rakshit and Drishti guarantee her to spare her. Shekhar visits Pishachini and talks about some arrangement with her. Meanwhile, Drishti chooses to take a dead collection of Patali with the goal that it won’t be given her proof. Everybody including Divya is against it as its not right yet Drishti remains resolute. Shekhar volunteers to take the body. Drishti utilizing her forces sees Kal Devtha keeping Body of Patali with high enchanted security who says that solitary detainee 401 can take it. Shekhar says that he can snatch and leaves and Rakshit support Drishti embracing her.

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