Dengue stings continue to wreak havoc, figure exceeds 250


Rohtak (Mainpal): Dengue stings continue to wreak havoc in the district. While patients are suffering from joint pain due to dengue fever, Health Department officials are breathless. Because, dengue patients are constantly coming forward.

Dengue cases are coming from every region. If we look at the figures, 259 people have been caught in it. Off-record this figure is said to be close to 300. Such patients are admitted in private hospitals. The Health Department claims that 13 teams are continuously carrying out anti-larva activity in the city from where dengue cases are coming, and anti-larva activity is being done there. Dr. Anupama Mittal said that the team is continuously checking larvae in the houses, and foxing is being done in the houses where larvae are found. He informed that till now notice has been sent on receipt of larvae in 10136 houses.

Officials claim that after 72 hours notice the house is given a re-inspection, even after the larvae are received, there is a provision to cut the challan. Please tell that no one was challaned even this season.

Do no

panic. Complete treatment: District Malaria Officer Dr. Anupama Mittal said that the initial symptoms of dengue are also present in the viral fever, but there is no need to panic. There is complete treatment in the district hospital. Do not panic, keep consuming fluids. Take medicine as per the advice of the doctor.

Viral truth

on dengue Videos and messages about dengue are becoming viral on social media. There is so much truth in them. For this, Dr. Arvindam Roy, Senior Doctor of Homeopath and BMS of Ayurveda Had a special conversation with Dr. Jai Singh.


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