Demand for dismissal of board chairman, CM will meet private school association


Bhiwani. State President of Private School Association, Ram Avatar Sharma said that Haryana School Education Board Chairman Dr. Jagbir Singh is harassing private school operators by saying that students should stop exam results if they do not pay the fine imposed on private school operators. Whereas, during the private school association deal with the board chairman, the board chairman had asked to withdraw the fine. But now retracting from his own point, the board chairman has again asked private schools to pay a fine of five thousand rupees. It is not fair. A five-member delegation of the Private School Association will soon meet the Chief Minister and demand the sacking of the Board Chairman from his post.

It will be noted here that the Haryana School Education Board had imposed a fine of five thousand rupees on such private schools which did not reach the duty imposed by the board. According to Ramavatar Sharma, when the association talked to the board chairman in this matter, the board chairman, Dr. Jagbir Singh, had announced the withdrawal of the fine of five thousand rupees before the association. Now last day board chairman had said that the results of the students of those private schools which were fined and they have not paid the fine online will be withheld. Today, the Private School Association expressed strong opposition in the same subject. Talking to journalists at Shishu Bharti High School, Krishna Colony here, state president of the association, Ram Avatar Sharma said that board chairman Dr Jagbir Singh is working to intimidate private schools, while board chairman fined

Now the board chairman is retracting his words. He said that no private school will pay the fine of five thousand rupees and the fine of the school which has deposited the fine will also be refunded from the board. Ram Avtar Sharma said that the board chairman is adopting a dictatorial attitude which will not be tolerated under any circumstances. He said that today the condition of private schools is bad. Due to the lockdown, parents are not depositing fees in the school, due to which private private schools are facing a lot of trouble. He said that either the state government should order the parents to deposit the school fees of their children immediately or they should also announce a package to the private schools as a relief.


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