Delhi government withdraws powers of secretaries, cabinet will put final seal on big plans


Delhi Government is taking tough and big decisions one after the other for the damage to the economy from Corona. In such a decision, the Delhi Cabinet has once again been given powers to pass schemes up to one thousand crore. Recently, the Delhi government has issued an order in this regard. After the order, a round of discussions has started.

In view of the loss to the exchequer during the Corona period, the Delhi government had decided that projects worth more than one crore would be taken directly for cabinet approval. Technically, the Secretary and the Finance Expenditure Committee also have such powers. But by making changes in these orders, this power was given to the Cabinet instead of secretaries. This order has been issued by Joint Secretary VP Rajan.

This system was also implemented by the Delhi government in August. But at the beginning of September, these orders were withdrawn. Now the cabinet has taken the rights by issuing a fresh order again. The government had ordered to bring salary allowances, pension of senior citizens, salaries of government lawyers, expenses of the Directorate of Publicity, hospital laundries and kitchen bills to the notice of the Cabinet till the related decisions.

His work was given to the secretaries last week, but then the order will have to be given to the cabinet and information will have to be approved for it. These orders will remain in force till 30 September. A copy of these orders has been sent to the concerned departments.


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