Defense Expo 2020: UP’s record of investment in defense sector, claimed by Ministry of Defense …


Lucknow, JNN. Defense Expo 2020: Another achievement has been added to the land of Uttar Pradesh. The 11th Defense India Expo-2020 organized by the Ministry of Defense here has become a major ‘gateway’ for investment in the defense sector in India. A total of 200 investment agreements have been signed in this event, involving the defense ministers of 40 countries and hundreds of foreign-foreign entrepreneurs and defense experts. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh himself claimed that for the first time in the Defense Expo so many agreements have been reached.

The ‘Bandhan’ program was organized on Friday on the third day of the five-day Defense Expo organized in the Vrindavan scheme located in the capital Lucknow. In the presence of Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, agreements (MoUs) were signed between all the world’s big companies and defense establishments. The Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) transferred the technology to the companies. Also defense establishments and defense products companies launched products.

Apart from this, B-to-B MoUs were also held in many different halls. There were a total of 200 MoUs in the Bandhan program, in which 71 MoUs were signed with the Government of India and its undertakings. 23 out of 71 agreements were made with the UP Industrial Expressway Authority (UPDA), a department of the UP government. Companies signed with UPDA will invest in UP Defense Industrial Corridor.

Similarly, 13 products including Sharang Cannon developed by Ordnance Factory Board were launched, six announcements were made and DRDO completed technology transfer process to 18 companies. With such a huge investment in India, along with the boom in defense production, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Make in India campaign will also gain momentum.

100 was the target, 200 agreements reached: Secretary of Defense

Defense Secretary Dr. Ajay Kumar said that the objective of the event was to highlight the UP Defense Corridor along with promoting the defense industry. The result of the Industrial and Aerospace Policy of the UP Government in the form of large investment has also come to the fore. He said that no such MoUs were held at any defense expo. This time too, we had set a target of hundred, but the agreement has been 200.

Launch of these flagship products

155mm Sharang Cannon
5.56 MM JVPC Alpha Carbine
7.62mm Beltfed Light Machine Gun
40mm UBGL / MGL Ammunition
Amogha-3 Varunastra
System on chip based tablet pc
Navigator receiver
LTE Secure Phone
Artificial Intelligence enabled NDT using computerized radiography
Artificial intelligence enabled NDT using ultrasound
Switch UAV All Terrain Dominator Drone
Fiber optic non-based INS system
NextGen Digital Combat Gear: The Future


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