DC. Instructions: Action will be taken if the doctor is found non-present during OPD


Kurukshetra (AD): Deputy Commissioner Dhirendra Kharagta said that the doctors will always have to be ready for the treatment and facilities of the patients and OPD At the time of the patient, full focus has to be kept on the patients. If the O.P.D. If a doctor finds a non-spot during inspection, then strict action will be implemented immediately. Not only this, OPD Doctors will not be invited to any meeting by the administration.

The effort of the administration will be that in the next 15 days, the SDM at the subdivision level itself. Under the chairmanship, a discussion will be held to know the progress and video conferencing will also be arranged. DC. Late Monday evening, he was addressing a meeting of Health Department officials regarding Pulse Polia and Sparsh Lepershi Awareness Program (SLAC) campaigns in the auditorium of the Small Secretariat.

He was the first CMO Ordered that a WhatsApp group should be formed with officers of Health Department, in this group, SMO, Education Department, Public Works Department, P.H.C. And C.H.C. Physicians should be included. In this group, firstly the data of all medicines, health centers and hospitals buildings, infrastructure, security related information, details of vacancies, details of ambulances and other vehicles should be uploaded very quickly so that health centers of the entire district are uploaded Knowing the current situation, the shortcomings will be removed so that patients in hospitals and health centers Can get all facilities.


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