Cows dying in agony due to cold and hunger, 50 cows died in 15 days


Laldu (Gurpreet): The situation in Laldoo’s village Magra is dying due to coldness and hunger in the government gaushala, suffering from cold and hunger daily. Nearly 45 cows have died in the last 15 days. A dozen singers died last Saturday. The condition of the remaining cows is also worrying. During the Akali-BJP government, a district-level gaushala was opened on village Magra in about 30 acres and spent lakhs of rupees.

Even at that time, dozens of cows died of hunger and cold and today the condition of the Congress government is the same. There are around 350 cows, bulls etc. animals in the Gaushala, but the shed which has been made to protect from the cold, there are only 100 A cow can live close to The rest keeps wandering here and there to protect it from the cold. Gradually dying of yearning due to cold.

After two days of continuous rains, the trouble in the gaushala increased. Most of the cows got wet in the rain due to lack of adequate facilities to avoid the rain. The ground also became marshy due to rain water in Gaushala. In which cows are unable to sit. More than 200 cows are standing day in mud and winter. Being soaked in cold and rain, the process of death intensified. ‘

If you can not handle then stop
Gaushala There is a lot of anger among the people of the area due to the cow dying daily in the Gaushala. People say that if the district administration cannot handle these cows, then the cow kept in this gaushala should be shifted elsewhere and this gaushala should be shut down so that more cows do not succumb to suffering and the administration with cow Do not be ridiculous.

NGO. The
administration gave the responsibility to an NGO for a long time. Dhyan Foundation has been given the responsibility of looking after the Gaushala and it is said that the government also provides funds but it is not taking any interest in the care of the Foundation Gaushala. Subhash, the manager posted here by Dhyan Foundation, blamed the administration for not properly managing it.

He claimed that there is no shortage of cows to eat here. This is the condition of cows due to lack of shade to protect them from cold. EO of city council Barjinder Singh did not pick up the phone. At the same time, the phone of Deputy Commissioner Garishan Dylan was picked up by someone else.


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