Court’s decision on money bill defeated by Modi government: Congress


New Delhi: The Congress on Wednesday termed the decision of the Supreme Court to refer the matter related to money bill to the big bench for defeat of the Narendra Modi government and said that there is a need for debate on the money bill. Senior party leader Jairam Ramesh said, ‘I welcome the decision of the constitutional bench of the Supreme Court in this matter. The court has given this decision on my petition, for which I am grateful to him.

Describing it as a defeat of the Modi government and victory of democracy and Rajya Sabha, he said that any decision of the government to misuse the medium of money bill in future will have an impact on the decision of the court. Ramesh also said, ‘It is very important to have a debate on the money bill.’ Actually, was it right to introduce the Finance Act 2017 as a money bill? The court has sent a large bench of seven judges for further consideration of this subject.

The court made this decision on Ramesh’s petition. Ramesh said, ‘This is not a victory for Congress. This is a victory of democracy, especially the Rajya Sabha. This is a defeat of the BJP. Modi government is defeated. The Congress leader alleged that the government amended 19 tribunals through the Money Bill and undermined major tribunals like the NGT.


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