Coronavirus: What is the reason behind the refusal of advocates to come to the court campus with the complainants, know


Muzaffarpur, JNN. Advisory has been issued by District Judge Shailendra Kumar Singh regarding the corona virus. This advisory has been released till 31 March. This step has been taken on the direction of the High Court. He has also consulted the president, general secretary and other office bearers of both the advocacy organizations regarding this advisory. Both organizations have passed a resolution calling for an emergency meeting of the executive to implement it.

Advocates should not come to court room with a client

In the direction issued by the District Judge, the advocates have been advised not to come to the court room with their client except in the presence of the dead. He has advised that the client should avoid coming to the court room or premises unless absolutely necessary.

Prohibit biometric attendance of advocates

In the light of the advisory issued by the District Judge, an emergency meeting of the Executive of the District Bar Association was called. It was decided to implement advisory fully and conduct awareness campaign. Advocates’ biometric attendance was banned until further orders to defend against Corona. Handwash is provided in all the basins on the association campus. A resolution was passed that the district should be requested to furnish the health center located in the court premises for protection from Korana. The meeting was chaired by the association’s general secretary Praveen Kumar.

Decision to run awareness campaign

The meeting was attended by Dr. Sangita Shahi, Vice President of the Association, Joint Secretary Sushil Kumar Singh, Arun Kumar Singh, Sunil Kumar Srivastava, Pramod Kumar, Sunil Kumar Singh and Ajit Kumar Verma. On the other hand, in the meeting of the Advocates Association, it was decided to conduct an awareness campaign regarding the rescue from the corono. The meeting was chaired by BK Lal, president of the association. The meeting was attended by Association General Secretary Ramsharan Singh, Chief Justice of Permanent Lok Adalat SP Singh, Judge DL Prasad of Permanent Lok Adalat and Anil Singh, Member of Permanent Lok Adalat and other advocates.

Team of three panel advocates for awareness campaign

The District Legal Services Authority has formed a team of three panel advocates for the rescue of Corona. Rambabu Singh, Sushil Kumar Singh and Sunil Kumar Srivastava have been included in the list issued by the authority secretary. The panel comprised of advocates will conduct awareness campaigns among advocates and clients in the team premises.

Prisoners did not appear in court from jail

Given the possibility of infection with the corona virus, no detainee was sent from prison to appear in court. Due to this, the prisoners could not be produced in any court. Jailor Sunil Kumar Maurya said that this step was taken as a vigilance.


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