Coronavirus: Use these things to eat, will help in fighting corona Gorakhpur News


Gorakhpur, JNN. According to the nutritionist Dr. Gagan Singh, the corona virus quickly engulfs those who have weak immunity. Along with following basic hygiene instructions, nutritious diet is very important to avoid this virus. Such things should be included in your diet which helps in strengthening the immunity.

Eat ginger and curd

Ginger increases immunity, as well as being anti-viral. Eat curd, it also increases immunity. Oats contain a sufficient amount of fiber. The intake of vitamin C is very beneficial, which is found in lemon, amla and citrus fruits. Turmeric intake is also helpful, it also contains anti-oxidants. Plenty of vitamin A is found in dry fruit, which is necessary to increase the immunity of our body. Consuming dry fruits gives strength to the body, it contains good amounts of protein and many minerals, iron, fiber, zinc and magnesium. The amount of green vegetables should be in the food.

People over the age of 60 need to be cautious

According to Dr. Alok Kumar Gupta, it has been clear from the data so far that the fear of death from corona is the highest among children under one year of age and adults above 60 years, because their resistance is low. . Apart from this, there are other groups which have low resistance. Such as diabetes patients, organ transplanted patients, suffering from kidney disease, cancer patients etc.

Seek patient advice in sugar

Remember that there is no diet that increases the body’s resistance several times overnight. If you are suffering from diabetes, check whether your diabetes is under control or not. If not, consult your doctor and get your medicine prescribed again. If insulin is needed and till date you have been avoiding it, then start it without any delay. Without worrying that it will have to take a lifetime. Life will be the question of life only. Uncontrolled diabetes is the biggest factor of weak resistance. To increase immunity, eat almonds, walnuts. Put a pinch of turmeric, a pinch of dry ginger in a cup of milk and boil it. Keep doing regular exercise according to your physical ability.


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