CoronaVirus: Take care to maintain and destroy with mask use


Agra, Jagran correspondent. People are masking the prevention of corona virus infection. Keep these masks at home, using the same mask the other day. There is also a possibility of infection spreading. According to experts, the mask can be used only once. Do not throw the mask in the garbage after use, throw it in the biomedical vest, make the solution at home and destroy it after putting the mask used in it.

Waste being destroyed in isolation ward like this

Separate hypoclite solutions have been prepared for patients and doctors and paramedical staff in the isolation ward of SN and District Hospital. Masks, globs, personal protection kits are being added to this solution. It is then packed in polyethylene of different colors. They are being destroyed scientifically by the company that is disposing the biomedical waste.

Destroy mask after four to eight hours of use

Surgical mask – works for four to six hours

N95 mask – works for six to eight hours

Triple, double layer masks available in the market – they are for air pollution prevention. These have not been tested scientifically.

They need to use masks

– Persons infected with Corona virus, doctors treating him and people going near him should apply N95 mask.

– Doctors and paramedical staff being treated at the hospital may wear surgical masks.

– People who have a cold cold can apply a mask, tie a handkerchief to the mouth.

Prepare solution at home like this


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