Coronavirus: hypertension, diabetes and cardio patients are most at risk, so be careful


Chandigarh, [Vishal Pathak]. Even in the country, Corona has now spread its foot. In such a situation, the biggest question is, who are the people most at risk from the virus and how can it be avoided? Dr. Yashpal Sharma, Head & Professor, PGI Cardiology Department, says that patients suffering from hypertension (hypertension), diabetes, cardiovascular disease (cardiovascular disease), chronic respiratory disease (respiratory diseases) and cancer have corona virus. Is the biggest danger. If such patients come in contact with a patient suffering from corona virus, then they are sure to get infection. He said that the death rate of such patients suffering from the virus is also the highest.

Those who died of corona virus also had hypertension and asthma

Amarjeet Singh, head and professor of PGI’s Department of Community Health and School of Public Health, said that the 76-year-old man from Karnataka, who died due to corona virus, died on Thursday. He also had hypertension and asthma.

Warning to the people of Punjab

Prof. Dr. Sonu Goyal of PGI’s Department of Community Health and School of Public Health said that 35.7 percent people of Punjab suffer from blood pressure. Many of these people are not aware of their blood pressure. Dr. Goyal said that people of Punjab often complain of blood pressure. In such a situation, the PGI has issued a warning to the people of Punjab.

Tips for hypertension, diabetes and cardio patients

Continue taking your medicines and take the diet recommended by your doctor.
Your long-term supply of drugs (90 days or more) is best.
Maintain a safe distance from people with colds and flu, or other respiratory symptoms.
When you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your bent elbow.
Wash your hands often with soap and water.
Avoid close contact with anyone who shows flu-like symptoms.


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