Coronavirus: Bengaluru’s elite clubs shut down due to fear of corona virus


Bengaluru, IANSAn official said on Friday that rising cases of the Corona virus have led to the decision to close the score elite clubs in this tech city voluntarily to protect their members.

Bengaluru Federation of Clubs President HS Srikanth said that we have voluntarily decided to close our clubs for a few weeks to ensure the safety of our members. Given the growing corona virus (COVID-19) cases in the city, however, we reopened only three weeks later.

All the elite clubs like Bangalore Club, Boring Institute, Century Club, Golf Association Club, Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) Club, Koramangala Club, Indiranagar Club and Indian Gymkhana Club reopened in the first week of this month when the Karnataka government opened shops. Ordered to reopen. Onlocks were done to revive the economy and bring it closer to normalcy in the city and state.

He further stated that a unanimous decision was taken by all clubs voluntarily this weekend to avoid health risks to our members. Although only one-third of the members of the city have been visiting his club, we do not want any of the members to be affected by the virus.

With 5,000–6,000 members per club, 30-class elite clubs have approximately 1,50,000–1,80,000 members, including their spouses and relatives.

About one-third of the members are senior citizens, including retired IAS, IPS and IFS officers, CXO of India Inc, corporate honors, celebrities, eminent sports persons, doctors, lawyers and senior bureaucrats.

Another member said that the decision to close the club was taken after a positive test by a member of the Karnataka Golf Association when he was at the golf course along with 50 other golfers on 23 June, giving the organization the entire area including his club Forced to play and shut down.


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