Corona virus: health department eyes 156 people from Bathinda in China


Bathinda (Vijay): The Health Department has come up with the Corona virus. In this regard, an isolation ward has been constructed in the civil hospital, while arrangements for other tests have also been completed. Along with this, 156 people who have recently returned from China are being closely monitored by the department. Department teams are going to these people’s homes to check the virus. The symptoms found in all the people affected by the corona virus are being investigated, but so far no person has been affected by the corona virus. A few suspicious people were detected in the past days but during the investigation conducted by the department, they did not find any symptoms that could confirm their corona virus.

The Airport Authority handed over the list of the said people
to the Department of Airport Authority Chandigarh, a list of 156 people who have recently passed through China. The said people are being closely monitored by the department. The work of investigating these people has been started. If any of these suspected patients are found, then their treatment will be started immediately. Complete arrangements have been made to send samples from the department to Pune. These people will be closely monitored for 28 days. Apart from this, information is also being given to these people not to leave the house for 28 days so that if a person is suffering from corona then the virus cannot spread beyond that.

The department has a full-
fledged SMO. : Smo Dr. Satish Goyal said that the department is fully prepared for the Corona virus. All types of arrangements have been made. People returning from China are being monitored. He and his family are also being investigated. If during this time a person is suffering from the corona virus, then samples of him and his family will be sent to Pune immediately.


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