Corona virus crisis taught me that fame and money have no value: Radhika Madan


New Delhi, JNN l Actress Radhika Madan, who worked with Irrfan Khan in the English medium, told about the corona virus and the lockdown she learned that in the end whether she is the richest person in the world or someone else we have to lose our hands And you have to strengthen your immunity.

This social distancing and self-isolation due to the Kovid-19 epidemic has slowed people down and forced them to stop and think about their lives for a minute. Actress Radhika Madan is also using this time to introspect in her Mumbai apartment away from her parents in Delhi.

She explains, ‘The biggest learning for me so far has been to realize the value of small and basic things like food. I feel so lucky that I get to eat food every day, at a time where many are hungry. I have understood the value of my family and the value of my people. ‘ The 24-year-old is learning to live with the new reality and in the process she has also realized that she will not prioritize the wrong things in life.

Radhika further says, ‘I have realized that we are running after such things which are so temporary and fleeting whether it is fame or money or anything else. In the end, whether he is the richest or the poorest person in the world, everybody is having to wash their hands and strengthen our immunity. I realized where my priorities are, it should be kept with my health or my loved ones. ‘


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