Corona virus: 8 people returned from abroad in Indora, quarantine, team investigating 2


Indoura (Aziz): People are terrified of Kovid-19 and in such a situation the government is making all possible efforts for public safety. At the same time, it has been seen that some people have returned to the state recently after traveling abroad and they are considering the medical examination done at the airport only enough and are going to uncontested public places, on which the Health Department has now taken strict cognizance People have been asked to give a self-proclaimed letter. In this context, Dr. Kapil Sharma, block medical officer of the department, told that any person who has come from abroad, should inform the department or inform him on the number 104 helpline. He informed that the health of such people will be checked at their home.

Individuals returned from abroad should give information to the department
He appealed to the persons returning from abroad to give this information to the department itself and to maintain sufficient distance between the common people. At the same time, he told that till now 8 such people have come under the health block Indaura who have recently come from abroad and such people have been advised to stay at home for the next 28 days. At the same time, about a month ago, a person who returned from Saudi Ar has been instructed to stay away from quarantine (quarantine) i.e. due to deteriorating health and cough problem.

A team of 2 people going home and checking up
On the other hand, soon after receiving the information of 2 other people to return to Indora from abroad, a team of Health Department has started investigating them. According to doctors, he has not been diagnosed with Kovid-19 at the moment, but as a precaution, he has been quarantined for the next 28 days and kept on observation and the team is going to his home to check him. According to Dr. Kapil, people do not have to be afraid, however, it is necessary to follow the precautions given by the Health Department.

Legal action will be taken if quarantined people move out
On the other hand, IAS officer and SDM Indoura Abhishek Verma said that all those returned from abroad have been quarantined and if such people are found wandering outside uncontrollably, then action can be taken against them under CRPC 144. At the same time, he said that Indora is adjacent to Punjab and people are coming to Pathankot etc. for their common works, such people should avoid going to Punjab without reason and postpone the postponed works for a few days.


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