Corona: Meerut creates ‘security armor’ for Delhi AIIMS


New Delhi – PPE for doctors treating people infected with the corona virus Kits are very important. Delhi AIIMS Hospital has ordered an order from a Meerut company. AIIMS to supply PPE to Delhi (Personal Protective Equipments) Kits are being rapidly developed in swan engineering works. The director of the company said, “Ames Delhi has paid 1.5 million PPE. Kits were ordered. We have 80,000 of these PPE. We have supplied the kits, we will provide the remaining kits in a week. ”

PunjabKesariGovernment officials say that they are just CE / FDA. Accredited PPE Are already buying. However, the government has also received several consignments (YAP) in the form of donations which have not been properly tested in the quality test and are not being used in such a manner.


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