Corona epidemic to end in less than two years; WHO finally hopes


Geneva, Reuters. The World Health Organization (WHO) expects the corona virus epidemic to end in less than two years. The head of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said on Friday that the Spanish flu that began in 1918 had ended in two years. He said that if the world remained united and the vaccine was discovered, the epidemic would end in less than two years.

Loss due to globalization

WHO chief (Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus) said, ‘Today we have technology and more ways of communication. In this case, the virus is likely to spread. It can spread fast because today we are more connected. ‘ He said that we have the technology and knowledge to prevent this. We have globalization, proximity, loss of connectivity and better technology.

Resistive capacity in 11 percent of Pakistanis

At the same time, the National Health Academy of Pakistan in collaboration with the World Health Organization, along with several partners including Aga Khan University, has done a National Siroprevalence Study in 25 cities. The study found that about 11 percent of Pakistanis have developed immunity against the corona virus, killing 6,219 people and infecting 2,91,588 people in Pakistan.

Pfizer-Bioentec’s second vaccine side effect reduced

US pharmaceutical company Pfizer and German biotech firm BioNotech have announced positive results for the first phase trial of their second Kovid-19 vaccine. Pharmaceutical companies have said that the side effect of the second competitor vaccine is less than the first.

China is making party in trouble for the world

On the one hand the world is struggling with epidemics, on the other hand China is being allowed to organize large-scale pool parties. Several photos and videos have gone viral, showing large numbers of people wearing masks at a pool party during a music festival in Wuhan. However, China has announced that there is no longer any need to wear masks in Beijing. People can walk out without wearing masks.


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