Cold in the mountains increases the problem of sheep keepers, turned to the plains


Theog (Suresh): Due to the cold winter in the upper areas of the state, people are forced to chill, while now the pet animals are also getting cold. Nowadays the sheep shepherds are migrating towards the lower areas due to the problems of cold coming from the areas of Upper Shimla. Especially these days due to increasing cold of the areas of Kinnaur, inaccessible area, these people are worrying about their livestock and now they are going hundreds of kilometers from the roads towards the plains. But these people have to face many difficulties and difficulties in the paths towards which they travel by road to the low-lying areas.

When talking to these sheep Palko while passing near Theog on National Highway 5, people say that 400 sheep have to reach Bilaspur with great difficulty and guarding these sheep is a big problem while making night stay on the road. Fear of wild animals throughout the night and rescue vehicles from daytime is the biggest challenge. Many times sheep are hit by a vehicle and last year, a man was also hit by a vehicle. Who died on the spot These shepherds say that even these people do not get government help, only medicines are given occasionally.

But the government does not give any compensation for the death of the sheep. These people, who are traveling with their sheep day and night, say that in the night they have kept dogs to guard the sheep, who guard the sheep and donkeys have been kept to carry the food, which along with the contents of the food – Carries along. These sheep keepers say that it takes more than a month to reach Bilaspur and the day has to go at such a speed that they can reach their fixed base at night.


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