CIA staff operation, 4 notorious heroin traffickers arrested


Amritsar (Sanjeev ): CIA Staff arrested 4 notorious smugglers of heroin during an operation, from whose possession 2.3 kg heroin, 32 bore 2 pistols, a Tata Safari vehicle has been recovered. The arrested accused include Rohit Joshi alias Baman resident Majitha Road, Shivam Kumar Nannu resident Namak Mandi, Bikram Singh Bikkar resident Jandiala and Tajindra Singh Rohit resident Lamma Pind. Police said NDPS against the said accused And registering a case under the Arms Act, has taken a 3-day police remand for investigation on the directions of the honorable court. This disclosure D.C.P. Investigation was done by Mukhwinder Singh Bhullar during the press conference today, with whom ADCP Yugraj Singh, A.C.P. Palvinder Singh was involved.

D.C.P. Bhullar said that he had input that some heroin smugglers were supplying heroin to the civil line area, on which a blockade was held near Bhai Manj Sahib Gurdwara headed by Inspector Sukhwinder Singh and arrested Tajinder Singh Rohit with 300 grams of heroin. During interrogation, he sprang the names of Baman, Nannu and Bikkar among his three companions and informed the police that the said Baman was coming to Ranjit Avenue area to supply him 2 kg of heroin along with his accomplices, on which heavy The D-block blockade was carried out with the police force and a white Tata Safari vehicle was rounded up near Dussehra ground, Out of which, three notorious smugglers were arrested. Apart from 2 kg of heroin and 2 pistols of 32 bore, an Indian currency of Rs 7 thousand was also recovered from their possession. The police are interrogating all the accused in detail and the bases supplied by them are being identified as well as the bases from where they were selling the heroin.


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