CIA police clamps down on illegal liquor and smugglers, 7 accused arrested


Kaithal (Sukhvindra): 7 accused in separate cases were arrested by the police by clamping down on illegal liquor Khurd and smugglers, from whose possession bottles of English and country liquor have been recovered. Further action is being implemented by the police against the accused.

CIA-3 Guhla in-charge S.I. headed by Sub-Inspector Jayanarayan. Satyavan took possession of 24 bottles of Indian liquor from ward number 4 Cheeka resident Ashok Kumar, Rohtash, head constable of CIA-3 Guhla. 105 bottles of English liquor and CIA HC of Guhla Police Pradeep Kumar has recovered 72 bottles of country liquor from village Harigarh Kingan in the possession of accused Bittu resident Bhagal.

Kalayat Police’s H.C. Shamsher Singh took 15 bottles from the possession of accused Yadavindra resident Bhatta, HC of Pundri police station. Balwan Singh took possession of the accused Ajmer resident Pai with 8 bottles, ASI of Excise Staff Satbir Singh, in possession of Sonu resident Sandal Kheri, took 25 bottles of country liquor on a motorcycle from Balraj Nagar Kaithal and ASI of Chowki Grain Mandi Police. Sandeep has recovered a quarter of nine bottles of liquor from the possession of accused Shamsher, who is living in the grain market.


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