Choti Sardarni 25 June 2021 Episode Written Update (25/06/2021)

Choti Sardarni Written Updates

Choti Sardarni 25th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors Serial “Choti Sardarni 25 June 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Kulwant instigates Karan against Meher

Air Date: 25 June 2021

Full Written Update: Choti Sardarni 25/06/2021 Episode Start with She says here’s your milkshake. She offers it to Seher and Param. Param says I am not in state of mind. Meher and Sarab come. Gita leaves. The children disclose to them Karan is irate. He discarded everything father got. Sarab says did he discover? Mehrr requests that they drink milkshakes.

Sarab says we are late. Somebody advised him. Meher says in the event that somebody did he would ask me. He was OK before the school. Something probably occurred there. We ought to proceed to converse with him. Sarab says how about we go. Meher and Sarab go to the room. Karan says what are you doing here? I would prefer not to converse with anybody. Sarab asks what’s disturbing him. Meher says for what reason would you say you are vexed? He says no explanation. Sarab says we need to disclose to you something, meher says would we be able to tell today? Meher says you realize who sends infants? He says God. Meher says when mom father get hitched individuals give them blessings and baba ji gives them infants. Meher says I was an undergrad and this is your father. This his first spouse and here’s Param. Then, at that point God reclaimed Param’s mother. Karan says then he was separated from everyone else? Meher days then God sent me to turn into Param’s mother. So I went to dad’s life. Karan says who is this with you? Sarab says that is you. Meher mom carried you with herself. Param got his mother and I got my second kid Karan. Meher says then daddy mother were given another blessing that was Seher. Karan sees Kulwant these three aren’t family. You’re an outcast. Just mother is yours. Sarab says our family is made by God. He tied our bunches. Recall that we are a family. Karan embraces Meher and says I need to rest. Meher takes him to the bed. Sarab says I trust my Karan gets it.

Meher says Karan will lay down with mom and father. Karan says I will just lay down with you. Request that daddy rest in another room. Meher says however.. he says I would prefer not to lay down with him. Sarab says it’s alright. I will lay down with Param and Seher. Karan says see he’s just their father.

Meher says to Karan do you realize who loves you the most? He says you. Meher says no, daddy. He adores you the most. He cried such a lot of when you were conceived. Never request that he rest away. Is it true that you are frantic at him? What was the deal’s? Karan says am I? Sarab comes and says Meher ji Param isn’t well. He’s hurling. He is calling your name. Meher runs there.

Gita comes to Karan and says your nani called. Kulwant says would you say you are alright? You ate? He says nani just you and mom care for me. Kulwant says she doesn’t mind by the same token. Perceive how she raced to Param. Karan says yet Param isn’t well. Kulwant says this is a dramatization. Karan says mom is likewise not Param’s genuine mother however she cherishes him like her child. For what reason can’t daddy adore me? Kulwant says for what reason would he inquire as to whether he cherished you?

Meher asks Param did you eat anything from outside? He says no. Mom if it’s not too much trouble, stay with me here. Meher says I am here. Allow me to get Karan as well. Param says don’t go. Kulwant says see mom didn’t come. I sent gita there for you. She will deal with you. She says don’t enlighten anybody regarding abducting or Gita would advise me and I would be vexed. He says no nani. I will not tell anybody. Karan says let me call mother. Kulwant requests that Gita do a major show in the house.

Tai ji says she couldn’t care less about you. She rested ajd you are in torment. Seher says Param isn’t well. She sent me to deal with Daar ji. Daar ji requests that Tai ji check Param. Seher puts ice pack on his knee. Seher reveals to Daar ji Karan is extremely irate.

Karan says to Meher you need to accompany me. I will take you from here. Sarab says I am accompanying you. Karan says I am not conversing with you. Karan says accompany me mother or.. tai ji says see he has begun showing tones. Tai ji says show these eyes to your father. Sarab says he’s a child. Try not to converse with him like that. He requests that Meher go with Karan.

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