Choti Sardarni 20th Mar 2020 Episode Written Update (20/3/2020)


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Episode Name: Sarab Gets To Know Ginni’s Past

Air Date: 20 March 2020

Full Written Update: Choti Sardarni 20/3/2020 Episode Start with Param gives Dolly’s phone to her and says it’s been rining. It’s the blackmailer. Robbie says everything great? Dolly says yes my sidekicks. She goes in her room and says where will I get 2 crores. He says I have the other game plan arranged. They just called me. They are mentioning those photos. In any case, I am reliable so I said no. I figured I will speak with you before picking anyway you don’t have money so I will offer it to them.

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Dolly says compassionately don’t give those photographs to anyone. He says arrange two crores. He says the one puzzle, the individual who gave you the lift that day was my father. He planted the seed I am eating the common items.

Sarab goes with Meher’s phone. He says you will all watch Perry’s veritable face. Sarab can’t find that video. Harleen says what video? What happened. Sarab says the video was at this moment. Sandhu called Harleen. Harleen said don’t pressure I will eradicate it. She drew closer Param for the mystery key. He said it’s essential. It’s my birthday. Harleen deleted the video.

Sarab says Meher said Perry’s video was at the present time. Harleen says in what capacity may you trust in her again? After the messages, she sent to Ginni. Sarab says Param sent those messages.

Harleen says now you would blame Param? Sarba says Meher isn’t lying. Auntie, it would be perfect on the off chance that you Minni says what might we have the option to do. Do you anytime know Ginni? An individual made her pregnant, we expected to finish her untimely birth. Harleen says continue to advise Kulwant with respect to Ginni. I will check whether she regardless of everything needs to make Ginni her DIL. Sarab says I will tell Meher.

Everyone is moving in the house. Amrita says how did Sarab agree to this? Meher says I made a video of Perry. He was celebrating with his gf. Amrita says you are Atari’s lioness. Meher says my kin is lion also anyway he transforms into a cat before you. Amrita laughs. She says Ginni’s life would have been devastated with Perry. Meher says we will crush his life. Jeeto says Sarab is here.

Meher goes to the entryway. Everyone hits the move floor with Rana. Meher hails also. Sarab is to some degree pushed. Jeeto says it’s Jaago. We will push the men off the beds. They endeavor to push Sarab. Meher says no. Jetto says it’s the custom. Or then again we can demoralize you. Meher says no. Jeeto says OK we won’t anyway you have to stand him up without reaching him.

Meher says no. Everyone convinces her. Meher says in what limit will I? Without reaching and saying anything. Meher turns her back towards Sarab and affirms to fall. Sarab ascends to hold her. Sarab says I have to reveal to you something huge.

Meher says how did everyone react to the video? Is it exact to state that they are happy Ginni isn’t getting hitched? Sarab says there’s no video in the phone. Meher says it was there. Sarab says I looked by any means.

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Meher says I made it. Who deleted it? Sarab says I trust in you. Maybe it was a goof and you never recorded it. Meher says no I recorded it. Sarab says I have to uncover to you something. Sarab says Ginni had a lover in Canada.

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