Choti Sardarni 17th Jan 2020 Episode Written Update (17/1/2020)

Choti Sardarni Written Updates

Choti Sardarni 17th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Colors Tv Serial “Choti Sardarni 17 January 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Meher Gets To Know About Param

Air Date: 17 January 2020

Full Written Update: Choti Sardarni 17/1/2020 Episode Start with Sarab says to Meher I.. Sanjana and the donors leave. Sarab says I expected to tell you. Nevertheless, I demonstrated incapable. Meher sits on the floor crying. She takes God’s name. Sarab sits with Meher. Meher audits her minutes with Param. Sarab is in tears moreover. Meher grows her hand, Sarab holds her hand. Meher says nothing would happen to our Param.

Rana says to Yuvi to leave the pizza here. Yuvi says no uncertainty okay I am leaving. Yuvi says never reach me again. Rana says Jitto bhabhi take your neem leaves and make what you have to. Yuvi says Jitto chahchi come. He says this is the way by which you talk. Kulwant is scrutinizing the paper. She says this would work. Kulwant says the fire is a great idea to go. Kulwant replaces the neem leaves. She says the entire town would hear you cry. Jagga comes there. Kulwant starts doing Yogi. He says mummy ji what came to pass for you. Jitto says mummy ji since you did this speedy this house has end up being so dull. Kulwant heads inside.

Sanjana meets Sarab. She says this is a consequence of your petitions we had the choice to find Seema. Her blood bundle is AB-and she can give her liver. Meher says I am AB-too. I can give my liver. Sanjana says don’t think about it. You’re pregnant. I can be dangerous. Seema says we are hitched for quite a while yet we don’t have youngsters. The moment we found a useful pace could bolster an adolescent, we decided to give. His petitions may give us a child too. Meher says we will all appeal to God for you.

Amrita says mummy is going to shower. Put some neem leaves in her bowl. She appreciates tidying up from it. Additionally, offer rest to Jitto for face pack. Rana’s hand shivers. He says am I going to get the money? Jitto picks the rest of the leaves. Sarab says offer thanks toward God we found a supplier. We have to manage Param. Param video calls them. Meher says he has a long life. Meher makes proper acquaintance there param. He says you go out alone. Param says I found in a dream you were getting me a lot of treats. Meher says we will get you solidified yogurt. Param says I love you, mother father.

Kulwanat goes to clean. Jitto says the face pack is readied. She will apply it. Amrita says mummy ji hasn’t tended to anyone. Bitu says we have to speak with her. Yuvi says she is a wear. Rana says we should finish her treatment. Jagga says shut up. Bitu says I believe she starts talking. Kulwant yells and says where is everyone? Kulwant yells. She shivers. Everyone goes to her. Kulwant says I am shivering so dreadful.

Meher and Sarab return home on a treat cycle. Param says my mom and daddy are the best. Exactly when I am a significant child I will get you solidified yogurts moreover. Meher says which pastry would you need? All in all, you have to pay. Param says anyway I am pretty much nothing. Meher says each flavor, you have to pay with smiles and kisses and assurance that you will reliably love mother and daddy. Param takes chocolate solidified yogurt. Meher and Sarab play with Param.

Param wheezes. Meher says Param, OK state you are okay? Param cries. Param says I am fine. Param says we ought to go. I have to prepare for the barbecue. THere’s a picnic at my school tomorrow. Sarab says you’re not going wherever. Param says mother, you ensured I would go to the barbecue. Harleen says they dropped the barbecue. Param says don’t lie. Yuvi called and said he’s set up for the barbecue. I will go. Meher daddy promised me. Meher says you will go to trip.

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