Choti Sardarni 15 June 2021 Episode Written Update (15/06/2021)

Choti Sardarni Written Updates

Choti Sardarni 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors TV Serial Choti Sardarni 15 June 2021 Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Amrit reveals Kulwant and Meher’s truth

Air Date: 15 June 2021

Full Written Update: Choti Sardarni 15/06/2021 Episode Start with Tai ji says your Daar ji is correct, you’re a great child. She says in her heart doing this to save his life. Daar ji asks Bitu and Rana how instructed would they say they are? They say ninth and tenth. He says no doubt your faces say that. Where is your mother? They say latrine. Daar ji says what? They say we need to go to the latrine. Bitu and Rana attempt to escape. They see Tai ji. They rush to a room.. Tai ji says what are you doing here? They say latrine. She says did you come here interestingly? Go to the guestroom. They go out and attempt to converse with Meher. She overlooks them. Bitu says how might we coercion her to disintegrate the case.Meher comes to Daar ji and says I need to reveal to you something significant.. In reality my.. Tai ji shouts. Everybody goes in.

Tai ji shouts and says our family neckband is taken. I got it cleaned na presently it’s not in the container. Daar ji says check out it should be in the house. she says just Meher’s siblings came in, they took it. they were in our room. Check them. Daar ji says disgrace on you. they are Meher’s siblings. Meher says put your hands up and let us check. Daar ji says no Meher, they are you siblings. Meher actually checks them. Tai ji applauds and says own their own group is checking them? Daar ji says what are you saying? She says they are criminals. Sarab says what are you saying? She says she called her siblings and requested that they take. Daar ji says shut up Amrit. She’s our DIL. She has the nobility of our name connected to her she can never do this. Sarab says this should be a misconception.

Tai ji says she has shown her children to take also. Meher says Tai ji I don’t have the foggiest idea what unexpectedly is the misconception however kindly did exclude the children. Tai ji says I have the evidences. She shows them a video of Seher taking and says see she took from my pack.

Meher yells Seher come out.. The children come out. Meher is going to slap Seher. Sarab stops her. Harleen says she’s a child. Meher says come here Seher. Respond to me. Did you take from dadi’s satchel? She says no I don’t take. I fixed some unacceptable. Daar ji says what? She says dadi offered 500 to the two siblings and gave me 100 and said young ladies and young men are not equivalent. Baba ji says young ladies and young men are equivalent so I just took 300 to make us equivalent. Meher says taking anything from anybody without advising them is robbery. Say sorry to dadi. Daar ji says it’s alright, she’s a child. Sarab says no Daar ji she should say sorry. Seher says sorry dadi. She leaves. Tai ji says perceive how she said sorry. What would you be able to anticipate from kids who were brought into the world in prison? She was conceived is soil. Her blood is messy.

Daar ji breaks a pot out of resentment says take your words back Amrit. You can’t talk with such a lot of soil about our DIL. Meher is frightened. Tai ji says inquire as to whether she was sentenced or not. In the event that one individual says I am lying, you can hit me. Meher says Daar ji I was.. She says your hand is dying. He says this little twisted will not slaughter me however your Tai ji said will execute me. Is that valid? He asks Sarab. Sarab says I will reveal to you everything.. HE says valid or not? Indeed or no? Sarab says yes. It’s actual. He is stunned. Tai says now you know. Disgrace on you Sarab, you kept a criminal in this house as your better half? You demolished our family name. She is a disturbing lady. Sarab says please Tai ji. Not a solitary more world. I’m pleased with Meher and she’s the best gift for me. Tai ji says wow you see the jewel in her rottenness? Presently enlighten your Daar ji regarding your MIL and Meher’s mother. Where right? Reveal to him for what reason is she in prison. Daar ji is stunned. He drops his stick. Sarab holds him yet he pushes Sarab. Amrit says give your legitimization now.. Daar ji says he was unable to tell. His eyes lie now. Meher says were going to advise you. Do you realize what is your greatest mix-up? Sarab says we shrouded reality. He says it’s equivalent to a falsehood and I disdain lies. Daar ji strolls.. Meher says kindly listen Daar ji.

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