Choti Sardarni 11th Nov 2019 Episode Written Update (11/11/2019)


Choti Sardarni 11th Nov 2019 Episode Written Update, Choti Sardarni November 11,2019 Episode Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name : Choti Sardarni Written Updates

Episode Air Date : 11 November 2019 (11/11/2019)

Written Update :

Scene 1

The host says Adi and Param’s family will play this test as well. This test shows the group of that child stands together. The back-and-forth begins. Adi’s family has many individuals and all sound. Sarab says gracious God. Kulwant comes and says we are here as well. Yuv says chak de phatay. Nirja takes a gander at them. She reviews her minutes with Param. She reviews Param with Meher and Sarab. Nirja says I won’t let my Param lose. She says Param you can’t lose. Your nani mama is coming. Nirja comes also. Sarab is shocks. Nirja discloses to them a stunt. She says push your left leg in the ground. Sarab’s family wins it. Everybody is glad. Param embraces Meher and Sarab.

The host says Param and family is the champ. A series of applaude for Param’s folks as well. Meher calls Nirja and Kernal in front of an audience with Param. Param get his trophy. Dadi says Param you win was a higher priority than mine. Meher says nobody can isolate Param and Sarab now.

Yuvi gets back home and tugs of war with Rana. Amrita says what’s going on with you. Yuvi says everybody was applauding Param. Kulwant says this makes kids solid. You ought to be glad for him Amrita.

Scene 2

Nirja and Kernal are leaving. Param gives them endowments. Nirja says here’s your London ticket. Take a gander at it when you miss us. Likewise, when your folks pester us, you can come there. They leave. Sarab says to Harleen Meher and I are going to Serbia. You need to deal with Param. Harleen says special first night? Meher reviews Sarab stated, he would settle her in Serbia. Sarab says we are leaving tomorrow first thing. Gather your sacks Meher. Harleen says appreciate and don’t stress over Param.

Jitto calls Bitu. She says our date isn’t chosen. Bitu says don’t stress I will converse with mama. Bitu says mama ji, should I call Jitto’s family. Kulwant says you can call Meher as well. Jaga says you know Meher won’t come. Kulwant says she would want Bitu. They are on talking terms now. Meher pardoned him. Jagga says how would you realize that? She says I realize what my children do.

Meher reviews her minutes with Param. She is in tears. Param says mom, I will tell everybody in the school I won the test. Kindly hitch my tie. I am getting late for school. Meher says we will spend the entire day together. Param won’t go to class. I will satisfy the entirety of your desires. Param says God gave me you, I needn’t bother with whatever else. Meher embraces him. Sarab says Param prepares for school.

Yuvi is crying. He says Meher bua is traveling to another country. Amrita says she will return. Kulwant says she was so youthful and now she is going to Serbia. Yuvi says would she say she resembled me? Kulwant says she was devious. Amrita says your bua is terrified of planes however.

Param says I won’t go to class. Sarab says your mother would be distraught at you. Param says mother asked me not to go.

Sarab says what is this Meher? She says for what reason did you make an unexpected arrangement? You ought to have let me know. Sarab says I needed to make an abrupt arrangement. I couldn’t give him a chance to be joined to you. Meher says would we be able to take Param as well? He would invest a decent energy as well. Sarab says we aren’t going for an outing. Harleen says to Meher I have told your family Meher. I will do your pressing.

Precap-Meher says Param you haven’t dozed? Param says I can’t rest without you. Sarab says Meher, we need to leave. Your family is first floor. Meet them all. Meher and Sarab leave.


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