Chinese military tents and border posts in Nepal


New Delhi: At the behest of China, Nepal has also started attacking India. For the first time, Nepal’s army seems so vigilant on the border with India. Surprisingly, the Nepal Army has set up Chinese tents near the border. This is an attempt to give a clear signal that China is with them.

In fact, posts are being set up by the Nepal Army on the Indo-Nepal border. Posts have been set up at Tihuki, Chergahan, Balua, Mirzapur, Pandiapur, Dashavata, Vishnupurwa on the Indo-Nepal border. All these posts have been set up just 10 yards from the pillar on the border. These posts were made by the Nepal Army but the tents look Chinese.

In fact, till now there was no strictness on the Indo-Nepal border. People could come and go as usual. After escalating tensions with China, Nepal revised its map to include some areas on the Indian side of its border. India protested but to no avail. The Indian government says Nepal is doing so at the behest of China.


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