China was spying many people including PM Modi and President, know how revealed


Abhishek Kumar Singh. An old accepted theory about war says that a real victory is one that is won without fighting a real war. From this point of view, China has been engaged in such efforts, which have led to a psychological advantage over India since the encounter in the Galvan valley of Ladakh in June 2020 and losing two times more soldiers than India. Could make. For this, he has been falsely praising Chinese military equipment in his propaganda newspaper-Global Times, sometimes propagating the lie of giving bad food to Indian soldiers stationed in Ladakh.

In this war of information, he has also increased his efforts in espionage, which has been revealed by two recent incidents. The first incident is the Chinese government through a technology company supervising 10,000 people of our country including President of India Ramnath Kovind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chief Ministers of many states, MPs, MLAs, Chiefs of Army, sportspersons, entrepreneurs. The second incident pertains to the work of a Chinese woman and Nepalese citizen who has been arrested recently, besides an India-based freelance journalist for the Chinese intelligence agency.

Chinese and Nepalese nationals engaged in espionage under the cover of two shell (masked) companies, while the arrested freelance journalist is accused of sending documents related to the Indian Army and Defense to China’s intelligence officers through them. This incident confirms to what extent China’s intelligence system has been active in our country. Certainly these actions of China cannot be tolerated. This is why these arrests have taken place. The question is, what does China achieve by doing such digital surveillance or spying and is it possible that such counter-digital spying is possible? So that we can also get information about the activities going on at the level of governance. It is also important to know how was China able to do this?

As far as the digital information war waged by China is concerned, China itself has named it ‘Hybrid Warfare’. Disclosing this digital espionage in newspapers around the world, it has been told that the activities of the world’s leading personalities to 2.5 million people were in the eyes of this company called Zenhua Data Information Technology, associated with the Chinese government and the Communist Party of China. . The expansion of this hybrid warfare can be gauged from the fact that it was keeping an eye on important people and organizations from all walks of the country besides the influential personalities of politics, law, sports, film, industry.

Also, a complete database of hundreds of accused of crime, corruption, terrorism, drugs, gold, weapons or wildlife smuggling was also being collected. The most surprising thing is that when Chinese handsets, mobile apps and telecom devices manufactured by Chinese companies are being banned all over the world, including India, on suspicion of spying, China managed to spy on another route .

By the way, it is claimed that at the behest of the Chinese government, this company spread the network of digital espionage all over the world. In today’s date, when information has become very important and big objectives are being achieved through data, then it can be said that by gathering information of millions of people from different countries including India, China will launch new type of information war. Wants to tease It is noteworthy that this Chinese company has declared


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