Children’s life is being played with condensed school vans


Shri Muktsar Sahib (Taneja): Even if there are strict instructions from the Supreme Court that vans, buses, jeeps, etc., carrying students in all government and private schools / colleges should be run according to the terms and conditions. At the same time school vehicles should be fully prepared from the security side, but despite this there are some schools which do not follow the instructions of the Honorable Supreme Court and are flouting the traffic rules, due to which many painful accidents are happening. There are some school managers who keep vans and other vehicles carrying children, which have completed their time, but still these condom vehicles are running on the roads. Neither the Education Department is paying attention to this nor the Transport Department and the Government of Punjab.

Politicians arrive after the accident to express grief with the victim’s family, but they do not pay attention to the traumatic accidents that are happening. Administration officials are also fleeing their responsibilities from many places. When promoting school admission, it is said that good vans / buses are available for taking and leaving children from home. Parents of children should raise their voice against the managers of schools in which the traffic system is poor for children. If the government provides help after the death of the children, then it is of no use because the houses whose lamp is extinguished can hardly rejoice in those houses. It is very difficult to understand the pain of the suffering parents. This week’s special report has been prepared by ‘Punjab Kesari’ regarding this serious matter.

Condem school vans / buses cannot run under the Safe School Vehicle Policy The Safe School Vehicle Policy was enacted
by the Honorable Supreme Court in the year 2014, according to which no condom van / bus can run to bring children to schools. At the same time every driver should be a cradle of traffic rules and should have heavy vehicle license, uniform and an assistant. Recording camera in van, G.P.S. The system should be installed, but not all schools fulfill the above conditions, due to which vehicles are flying many vans of the policy.

Responsibility of 4 departments for checking
school vans Whether the Supreme Court has imposed the responsibility of 4 departments, including the justice system, police, transport department and social security department for checking school vans. Apart from this, Deputy Commissioner and S.D.M. They are also responsible, but everyone does food. At the same time, according to the vehicle policy, the life of vehicles has been kept for 15 years. After that the vehicle does not have RC Neither tax nor tax is paid.

Administration dealt with those who violate traffic rules: Harcharan Singh
CBSE And ICHE Harcharan Singh Brar, the leader of the school federation district Sri Muktsar Sahib, who is the chairman of Punjab Public School Lakkhawali, admitted that road accidents are taking place due to poor schools and colleges vans / buses etc. School managers must meet the conditions laid down for vehicles carrying children. He said that the administration should deal with those who did not meet the traffic rules.

What to say:
When the social workers of the social workers were talking about the accidents happening due to the convulsed school vehicles on behalf of ‘Punjab Kesari’, everyone said that the traffic rules should be strictly enforced and the violation It is being stopped. Sarpanch Advocates Yadavindra Singh, Navdeep Singh Sukhi, Mantavya Foundation’s Arshpreet Singh, Babbaljit Singh Brar Bhagarsar, Gurpreet Singh Bawa, Gurmeet Singh Handa, Alam Brar said that the private schools / colleges have made their jathabandi. Managers should raise such issues in their meetings that do not mess with the lives of children and ruin their future.


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