Chhichhore Movie Review and Rating: Lose still maintain the spirit, ‘Chichhore’ teaches to fight failures


There are many things in it – Lovestory, love for father and son, attempted suicide, hospital, cricket, chess. There are many sports like weightlifting, basketball, there is friendship, friends are fun. College life, hostel life fun, comedy, tension, flashbacks. One could say that so many things in a film! Then the story line must have slipped from the director’s hand?

No, it did not happen. On the contrary, despite all this, it is a tight film and there is no such moment that remains. Something happens every moment that keeps it tied. But the biggest thing is its philosophy. “ Chichhore ” says very clearly that the psychology of being a loser is wrong. To fail is not to be a loser. Life is the name of a judge. Keep your spirit alive even if you are defeated. There is also failure in life. But do not get so frustrated with it that you think of ending your life. Do not let failure dominate you. Especially those children who are worried about their careers.

The story is of Anirudh alias Ani (Sushant Singh Rajput) and his son Raghav (Mohammad Samad). Ani is divorced from his wife Maya (Shraddha Kapoor), but due to the son, the two sometimes get connected. Raghav has given engineering entrance exam and is under stress whether he will succeed in it or not. And when the result comes, it is known that it has not happened. Under mental stress, he jumps from a big building. He is taken to the hospital. There is little hope of survival. Is unconscious. In the same sense of his unconsciousness, Ani tells him the story of his hostel life. The flashback begins and continues. Ani tells how the hostel he lived in is considered to be a loser. At the same time, Ani tells him about his old friends who were in his hostel and were considered laggards.

Then the story goes on how they participate in their college sports competition and what happens there. Those old friends also come to the hospital after receiving the news of Ani’s son. The question is what will happen to Ani’s son Raghav. Will he survive? One great feature of the film is that there is no villain in it and all the characters are like a team. And everyone’s character is important. Sushant Singh Rajput and Shraddha Kapoor are big stars, but its hero is not a heroine. They both have love affair as Ani and Maya but the story needs as much. Sushant is heavily controlled in both the roles of an adult father and a young student. The more serious he looks in his beard as a father, the more mischievous he is as a student.

Shraddha is also very balanced in both mother and student roles. Varun Sharma’s character is full of hugs as a student and every entry of his brings a fountain of laughter. However, after the interval, the scenes where they are with mustache have become a bit dull. His agitation with a mustache does not have the same life as expressions are hidden above the face. Director Nitesh Tiwari has maintained a movement between the past and the present and has not allowed many laxities in the college life and hospital scenes of Ani-Maya-friends.

And yes, another thing that every viewer will remember is that at the end of the film, the three scenes run with each other. One in which there is a game of chess, the other is a relay race and the third in which Ani is participating in the basketball ball competition. All three create such an atmosphere in the film, the viewer stops breathing in the eagerness of what will happen next.

Nitesh Tiwari changed the image of the hero in ‘Dangal’ and Aamir Khan became the central character as an aging father. In ‘Chichhore’, he has done this work in a slightly different way. This too will be considered a big film of Nitesh. There is only one thing in this film. That is its name. When the name of ‘Chichhorepan’ is not there in the film, then why the name ‘Chichhore’? On this point, one out of a hundred will be cut and only ninety nine points will be received.


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