Chartered accountant by profession, Shubham put the memories of friends, Gulzar saheb murid


Chandigarh, [Dr. Sumit Singh Sheoran]. There is no age to complete a hobby. Spreading the feelings of the heart into words is an art. Every moment of life is poetry in true sense. This is to say that Shubham Monga, a 27 year old young man. Chartered accountant by profession, Shubham has entered the professional career after completing his studies only last year. In a conversation with Dainik Jagran, Shubham said that writing was his passion from college days but the best way to share his feelings with everyone is the book.

After completing his B.Com from Sector-32 SD College, he completed his CA studies. Shubham, who viewed life from a very positive perspective, said that his friend Dr. Sukhleen Sandhu, who lives in Mumbai, and Dr. Shweta, an elder sister of doctors in Delhi, were very motive in writing a life book just like you.

Shubham says that when he started writing a diary during his college days, friends liked him a lot and the writing sequence continued. This book has also shared the memories of friendships breaking and friendships. While some shayari pages are based on my imaginations.

Wrote emotions on hours

College Day was the most memorable in life. Studied with students in student politics. Shubham says that college days give a new direction to the life of any youth. Shubham’s father Ajit Prasad Monga, a resident of Faridkot, Punjab, is retired from PNB and mother Sunita Monga is a retired lecturer. The family has always pushed for separation. It was very memorable to write sour and sweet memories and feelings of heart on the pages several times continuously for seven to eight hours and then to recite it to friends. MP Kiran Kher recently released Shubham’s book at the Rose Festival and also dated the book a lot. Shubham is not only writing, but is also involved in many social work to help the needy people.

I am a fan of Gulzar saheb

Shubham, who has a mild temperament, says that he loves Gulzar saheb’s writings, he is his fan. In his spare time, he loves to read and listen. It is said that poetry is good to hear. The professional life has just started 8-9 months but now he is also fulfilling his hobby of writing. He has also started working on the new novel on the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčMillennium Generation but soon his academic book on CA (Chartered Accountant) will come in the market. Along with writing, it is also very nice to roam around.


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