Channa Mereya 18th August 2022 Episode Written Update (18/8/2022)

Channa Mereya

Channa Mereya 18th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Star Bharat “Channa Mereya 18 August 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Ginni and Aditya gets married

Channa Mereya Air Date: Channa Mereya 18th August 2022

Full Written Update: Channa Mereya 18/8/2022 Episode Start with The minister gives the blossom and asks both lady and man of the hour play out the custom. The two of them does. Rajvant reviews Ginni’s words and gets miserable. The cleric requests to trade both lucky man and lady the Garland. Both Aditya and Ginni trades Garland. The cleric requests that they take pheras and both Aditya and Ginni makes it happen. During pheras Ginni gets profound reviewing about her dad’s words about her marriage. The minister requests that the lady approach and takes the phera.

Ginni obliges and keeping in mind that taking pheras she reviews Aditya’s words and the commitment she made to Goldie. The cleric then requests that Aditya wear nupital chain around Ginni’s neck. He then, at that point, applies vermilion on Ginni’s brow according to Priest guidelines. Aditya gets stunned seeing the pendant on Ginni’s neck. He then, at that point, sees Ginni is behind the shroud. Rajvant sees Ginni is the lady of the hour. He gets stunned. The minister declares the marriage is finished. The Singh’s gets stunned seeing Ginni.

Aditya says Ginni then stands up from his place. Ginni likewise stands up from her place. Aditya tells her that he will do what he has to do with her for her this choice before that he needs to understand what sort of debilitated joke is. Ginni stays quiet. Aditya asks her what is she in any event, doing in Sam’s place additionally where is Sam.

He further asks her is she even mindful in view of her this choice there are lives which get destroyed and asks her for what good reason did she had Sam’s spot. Ginni drives away Aditya and tells him as opposed to asking her for what reason did she did this for what reason might he at any point ask him for what good reason he didn’t pay attention to her supplication in view of which she is compelled to make such stride. She likewise adds that he came to him and argued him to not to wed Sam and came clean with him at this point he stayed quiet and difficult and chooses to wed Sam.

Golden gets irate and requests that Ginni express out loud whatever reality she is discussing that connected with Sam. Ginni tells the Singh’s it’s not her however Aditya double-crossed his family and lets them know that Sam is, as a matter of fact, her sibling’s significant other Simran Preet Kaur Grewal. The Singh’s gets stunned. Aditya tells Ginni everybody have past thus Sam and asks her where were her standards and ethics which she educates to everybody when she chooses to wed him without his insight.

Ginni legitimizes her activities saying in the event that his marriage occurred with Simran her sibling would have passed on so inorder to save her sibling life she did this likewise she don’t consider this marriage as marriage since she took this choice to just save her sibling. Aditya requests that she quit legitimizing her activities. He the breaks the things around him then, at that point, gets some information about Sam’s whereabouts. Ginni stays quiet so Aditya leaves the spot furiously. Armaan follows him.

Golden lets Ginni know that she deceived the Singh’s and asks her not even figure that they will acknowledge her as their little girl in regulation. Shailaja goes to Ginni and takes off the tied garments and tells her she offended the heavenly fire by wedding Aditya without anybody’s information to clean it she is putting the gadbandhan in the fire and put the material in it.

She likewise tells that they wont acknowledge her as their girl in regulation and holds her nupital chain before she could break it Rajvant stops her. Supreet requests that Rajvant let Supreet make the best decision. Rajvant tells the relatives regardless of whether they acknowledge this marriage yet Ginni is presently Aditya’s significant other and it God’s choice so nobody has the options to grab Ginni’s freedoms in the house. Shailaja affronts Ginni saying she don’t even should have been their worker. Opposite side Gulraj gets stressed that Ginni isn’t noting the calls.

Santu comes there and requests that Gulraj stay solid before everything she will say to her and the FB shows in which Santu seeing Ginni outisde the Singh manor. She asks her what she is doing here. Ginni advises her to go to her home and let Gulraj know that she wont let Goldie and Simran’s union with break inorder to save that she will wed Aditya. The FB closes. Santu cries and tells Gulraj that Ginni forfeited her future to save Goldie’s marriage life. Gulraj gets stunned and goes out to track down Ginni. Santu follows her. In Singh chateau Aditya comes to Ginni and gets some information about Simran’s whereabouts.

Supreet requests that he quiet down saying Rajvant will prey that data from Ginni. Shailaja says that Ginni and her sibling could have killed Simran. Ginni denies it and lets them know what occurred. The FB shows in which Ginni goes to Simran’s room and argues her re-visitation of their home on the grounds that Goldie will bite the dust assuming this marriage happens however Simran denies saying she dont care so Ginni makes her oblivious and put her in a store room. The FB closes. Aditya frowns at Ginni.

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