Case filed against traders engaging in GST officers in hosiery unit


Ludhiana, JNN. Police have registered a criminal case for snatching records, abusing and threatening the GST officers who raided the Hojiri unit in Bajwa Nagar. A complaint was lodged by the police on both sides. GST officials are accused of disrupting government business. After this, traders have announced to gather at the police station at two in the afternoon.

According to the information, a team of GST Central went to Redak Deepak Knitwear shop in Bajwa Nagar. The police had captured records from there after about nine hours of investigation. But during this time, the traders gathered there and locked the employees in the room and snatched the record from them. It was alleged on behalf of the traders that GST officials were taking money from them and giving the school receipt. Which led to the dispute. Both sides gathered at the police station on Thursday and also accused each other. Police have registered a criminal case against 50 to 70 unidentified people on the complaint of GST Inspector Anil Kumar Dogra, Naveen Jain owner SK Deepak Knitwear, CA Rajesh Mahajan, Vineet Rai, Jain Pradhan Mantri Mandal Gudmandi Ludhiana.

This is the whole case

On Wednesday, a team of GST Central went to raid Deepak Jain’s unit in Bajwa Nagar. After nearly nine hours of investigation there, he also took the money and started cutting the receipt of a private school, which was opposed by the shopkeeper, then the nearby shopkeepers also gathered and the dispute arose. The shopkeepers also took possession of the school book held by the GST officers and the officers left. After this, several businessmen including Division of Business Bachao Morcha Vinod Jain and SAD leader Gurdeep Gosha reached Division Four, GST officials also arrived here. There was a long discussion between the two groups, but the agreement could not be reached.


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