Carlos Gon, former Nissan CEO arrives in Lebanon with French passport, arrives in Beirut from Turkey on a private plane


Beirut, Agencies. Former Nissan CEO Carlos Gone, who arrived in Lebanon after fleeing the legal process in Japan, used all legal methods throughout the trip. He arrived in Beirut from Turkey on a private plane and entered there via French passport. Due to the delay in the court process in Japan, Carlos had a chance to escape. Carlos has also questioned Japan’s judicial system and accused itself of being implicated in scandals and harassment.

April 2021 is due for hearing the trial of Carlos, who is under house arrest in Tokyo after getting bail from the court in Japan. Carlos, once considered one of the world’s best executives, became one of the most famous fugitives on Tuesday when he secretly fled from Japan to Lebanon. His escape in this way provoked Japan and security arrangements were questioned.

A close aide of Carlos said that in recent months the former Nissan boss was feeling quite uneasy when he was not even allowed to see and talk to his wife. According to the terms of the bail, Carlos could not meet anyone nor talk to anyone. He could not even use the Internet and any means of communication.

Carlos was also distracted by the intense questioning by Japanese officials over his son and daughter living in the US in December. He said that by doing all this with the family, Japanese officials were pressurizing him (Carlos) to accept the false allegations. Carlos was first arrested in November 2018 on four charges. He was accused of hiding his income and illegally earning money through car dealerships in Middle-East countries.

Private agency also involved in the conspiracy to exorcise

Carlos also holds citizenship of France, Lebanon and Brazil in addition to Japan. It is learned that a private security agency in Tokyo was also involved in the conspiracy to take them out. This entire plot was ready in three months. Turkish police have arrested seven people involved in the plot to exterminate Carlos, four of them pilots. Carlos fled to Japan first to Turkey and from there to Lebanon.

French passport remained with former CEO

It is learned that Japanese authorities had allowed French passports to remain with Carlos after his bail. He took advantage of this. But the question still remains to be confused as to how Carlos reached Turkey from there by penetrating Japan’s security system. Japanese authorities have also raided Carlos’ Tokyo residence, where he was placed under house arrest, to remove the secret from this mystery.

Carlos has no problem in Lebanon

Lebanon has no extradition or criminal dealings with Japan. So Carlos can spend his leisure time there. Apart from being a Lebanese citizen, he also enjoys considerable support among the upper classes there. It is also being claimed that Carlos met Lebanese President Michael Aoun in a very good atmosphere after reaching the capital, Beirut.


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