CAG report discloses- Siachen soldiers are not getting facilities as per need


New Delhi: The Indian Army has faced severe shortage of clothes, shoes, sleeping bags and sun glasses to the Indian soldiers stationed at extremely high and difficult places like Siachen, Leh and Ladakh. This has been revealed by the CAG report tabled in Parliament on Monday. The CAG report, which was tabled in Parliament during 2017-18.

CAG has pointed out the flaws, saying that the soldiers have to bear the brunt of clothes and other items worn at icy places for four years. The report said that soldiers deployed in icy areas had to recycle old shoes and wear snow boots. According to the report, in the reply given by the Ministry of Defense in March 2019, it has been said that due to the tightness of the budget and the increase in the needs of the army, the soldiers suffered. The report said that in 2017, demand for clothing and accessories used in icy areas increased to 64,131.

Regarding the deficiencies in procurement of defense goods, CAG said that old face masks, old jackets and sleeping bags were purchased. This caused problems to the soldiers and they could not take advantage of the new product. The report said that due to lack of research by defense laboratories, the country had to depend on imports for these goods. The CAG has also questioned the provision of special rations and accommodation to be provided for living at 9000 feet high. Explain that the soldiers living in Leh Ladakh and Siachen are given special food to meet the deficiency of calories.


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