CAA Protest: Delhi Police Accuses Girl Students – Kick Off Private Part


New Delhi: A group of students from Jamia Millia Islamia on Wednesday alleged that on Monday, as they tried to march up to Parliament against the amended Citizenship Act (CAA), police kicked on private parts of the girl students, dressed and Torn off the hijab and abused him. However, the police declined to immediately respond to these allegations.

On Monday, hundreds of Jamia students and nearby people were trying to march up to Parliament against the CAA and the proposed National Civil Register (NRC), but police stopped them on the way, prompting clashes between security personnel and protesters It was done. About 20 students under the aegis of the Jamia Coordination Committee (JCC) came to the media on Wednesday and reported the vandalism allegedly perpetrated by the police that day.

The students alleged that the police stopped them near Holy Family Hospital on Monday and beat them with shoes, poles, sticks and iron armor. It is noteworthy that after Monday’s clash, at least 23 people were taken to Al Shifa and Ansari Hospital for treatment. These students were talking to the media after being discharged from the hospital.

The students alleged that the police kicked her private parts, climbed her thigh and tore the hijab. It is noteworthy that on Monday, the protesters started the march to Parliament from the gate number seven of the university in the afternoon. Demonstrations against the CAA have been going on for almost two months but the protest venue was changed by the protesters on Friday and Saturday. When the protesters had walked the two-kilometer route, the police stopped them and appealed not to go ahead citing the permission and prohibitory orders.


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