‘By releasing oil to bogus persons, they flouted the law in public’


Ludhiana (Kanwaljeet): 61 lakh 92 thousand liters of kerosene sent by Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji’s Prakash Parv Chance Center was released in the name of different common people and women of Malot city, which was investigated. .Bi After writing a letter to the Union Minister, the MLA Bains, who was involved in the conversation, made talks and revelations in Kot Mangal Singh Nagar today. By issuing oil to bogus persons, the flag of public law is being lifted.

MLA Bains said that the dose sent to the Food and Supplies Department and supply officer Mallot has informed that this oil was released to many people. Blackening the oil on behalf of the dosage and supply department of Malot, in connivance with the retailers and petrol pump owners, released the oil which is later being available for Rs 60 to 65 per liter whereas this oil where the government gets 38 rupees Per liter and 5 percent GST Was asked to impose.

It was also said that this oil should be given only for preparing langar etc. during the lighting festival of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and the conferences being conducted, but with the connivance of the department, this oil was released in the name of many persons. MLA Bains said that he will take the matter up to the CBI along with the Center and will not back down at any cost so that the accused can get strict punishment.


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