Bus collides with bike in Dendwada, 2 people killed, angry people burnt bus


Khandwa: A painful road accident has occurred in Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh. Where in Chandergaon Makhan, three kilometers away from Dendwara, on Sunday evening, the collision of the bus caused the anger of the bike riders after the death of the aunt and nephew. All passengers aboard the bus coming from Khandwa to Khandwa were brought out of the rage and fired at the bus with firearm. Whoever made this video or wished to pull the fat, gave away his mobile. At the same time, people whose mobiles were torn, they did not complain to the police.

In the case of the death of the woman and child, the police did not know the reason for the late night accident. The people of the village are not ready to tell anything. The special thing is that the police did not even get the bike of the injured youth. An accident happens on the day of Dondwara when someone else’s life has definitely died. Therefore, people here are also very angry about the accidents.

After the accident on Sunday evening, people burnt the entire bus. At the same time, after the death of two people, the relatives of the dead did not even reach the police station for the FIR. Chaigaonmakhan police station TI MP Ojha told that the villagers are not talking in this regard, but we have seized the bus. Finding out the absconding driver. In the case of arson, we will investigate and file a case. On investigating the matter, the negligence of both the bus driver and the bike driver has been revealed.

In Dondwara, villagers angry with the accidents in the past have vandalized, arson. After watching the video and photo, the police registered a case against the accused and made the arrest. This time nobody’s mobile ran on the scene. Now the police are also worried about who they accused. Because no villager is willing to open his mouth in this matter.


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