Burned alive by pouring petrol on the woman and her 5 children


Meerut: Gradually the sensations in the world are getting over. Human beings have crossed all limits of autocracy. In such a situation, there is a shocking news from Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh. Where a woman and her 5 children were put on petrol and set on fire late at night.

Put a pipe in the window and
let the petrol poured over the children and the woman tell us that the matter is of Zahidpur village in Kharkhoda police station area. While 40-year-old Rahamin lives with her five children, 12 years old, Anas 8 years old, Bushra 9 years old, Rahil 14 years old and Safia 11 years old, Rahmin’s husband left her 8 years ago. Since then, she takes care of her family by working as a laborer. Late night, petrol was poured over the children and the woman by a pipe in the window by an unknown young man. Then tied a cloth in the pole and set it on fire. The woman made a noise when the fire broke out. The people around somehow extinguished the fire.

Referred a child to Delhi
, Rehmin, Yesa and Anas were quite scorched till the neighbors came. At the same time, Bushra, Rahil and Safia are minor burns. The police admitted the woman and Anas to the medical college. Anas was later referred to Delhi. Police did not get any evidence so far, SP countryman Avinash Pandey said that no clue has been found in the case so far. The matter is serious. The entire matter is being seriously investigated.


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