BRO’s hard work brought color, Lahaul-Spiti connected to Jammu via this route


Manali (Sonu): Keylong-Udaipur Via Kilad-Jammu route blocked by heavy snowfall in winter has been restored in record time due to the tireless efforts of Border Roads Organization. Lahaul-Spiti has joined Jammu with the restoration of this route. The road restoration has also given the people of Lahaul a taste of green vegetables after 2 months. However, only one vegetable train reached Lahaul. Villagers Virendra, Anil Shashni and Ravindra said that seeing green vegetables was not their place of happiness. He told that all the vegetables were finished in a single day.

Villagers express thanks to BRO
Rohtang Pass is still closed but Lahaul-Spiti has joined Jammu via Kishtwar. People of Lahaul too can now move out of the valley via small vehicles from Killar and Gulabgarh to Jammu. The restoration of the route has brought relief to thousands of people of Pangi and Killar, including the Lahaul Valley. Villagers have thanked the BRO for the restoration of the route. Commander of Border Roads Organization, Colonel Umashankar said that the organization has brought relief to the people of Lahaul and Pangi Valley by restoring this route.

Kishtwar road has proved to be a lifeline for people many times
Keylong-Udaipur-Kishtwar is a 250 km long route. This is the only alternative route to keep Lahaul and Pangi connected to the outside world in winter. Although Keylong-Kullu via Via Jammu and Kishtwar is much longer than Rohtang, it has also proved to be a lifeline for the people of Lahaul Valley many times. Lahulis have to travel 125 kilometers to reach home via Rohtang, but this route reaches 800 to 1000 kilometers via Jammu.


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