Boycott Netflix: ‘Krishna and His Leela’ film accused of playing with religious beliefs, boycott campaign


New Delhi Video streaming platform Netflix is ​​once again the target of the people. This time there is a huge anger among people about the Netflix film Krishna And His Leela. It is alleged that Lord Krishna, who is worshiped from house to house, has been mocked in the film. A character named after him is shown as a Womanizer. That is why #BoycottNetflix is ​​trending on Twitter. The special thing is that the producers of this film include Bahulladev of Bahubali i.e. Rana Daggubati, due to which Rana is also the target of people’s anger.

Krishna and His Leela is a Telugu film directed by Ravikant Perepu. The film stars Sidhu Jonalgadda and Shraddha Sainath in the lead roles. This is the story of a young man named Krishna, entangled in love and entangled in love. The two female characters in the film are Satyabhama and Radha. Netizens are angry about this. The film is streamed on Netflix on June 25.

A user wrote- Are you people deliberately insulting our great Hindu god Krishna, who gave Bhagavad Gita to humanity. Why did you do this by Rana Daggubati? How did you show Krishna as a womanizer? Another user has objected to Radha’s name with the Krishna character being portrayed as such. He called it propaganda against a whole community.

Another user said that Netflix does not respect the Hindu community. They are meant only by showing disputed topics so as to get publicity. They earn from this. Many other users have expressed anger over such a performance of a character named Krishna.

there is no respect for the hindu community thy jus want a controversial subject so that they get publicity then ppl will see it to find out wats the matter and they will make more money … hindu community had be more vocal and active in their approach


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