Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 23rd November 2022 Episode Written Update (23/11/2022)

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 23rd November 2022 Written Episode Update, Star Bharat “Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 23 November 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Sameer forces Asha to sign the papers

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Air Date: Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 23rd November 2022

Full Written Update: Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 23/11/2022 Episode Start with Indu embraces Ritesh then acknowledging what she did so apologizes to him. Ritesh lets Indu know that he will sent the papers to Meghna likewise Magistrate so Sameer can get captured for what he has done work now. He then, at that point, requests that Indu call Vivek and Indu obliges then leaves the spot. Anjali goes to see Vivaan and afterward chuckles at him seeing the room’s condition. Vivaan gets awkward however tells the specialist hasn’t arrived to tidy up the room thus it’s in this condition yet he will tidy up the room. He then, at that point, asks the explanation for her approaching to her room. Anjali says thanks to Vivaan for the assistance he has accomplished for Indu. Vivaan tells her that he done this for Indu as well as for herself and calls her Anju.

Anjali says the people who are near her calls her Anju. Vivaan tells her even he thinks about her as one of her nearby individual and asks would she say she is dont think of him as the equivalent? Anjali lets him know that she thinks of him as just as her dear companion just that. Vivaan tells her that he wont imagine any longer and communicates his affections for her expression he additionally realizes she cares deeply about him. Anjali lets Vivaan know there is such a lot of happening in her life so she don’t think this is a perfect opportunity to take such choices so demands him to give her some time. Vivaan concurs for something very similar. Anjali then gets a call from Sunita and the last option illuminates her about the letter from her school which she got today.

Anjali guarantees her the letter isn’t anything about an outing related data so don’t bother stressing. Sunita then, at that point, gets some information about Ritesh Indu and Asha. Anjali tells Ritesh and Indu went to meet the attorney’s and soon all that will be okay. Sunita gets cheerful hearing it. She then requests that Anjali deal with Zoon and Indu then, at that point, goes to see who is outside the house. Vivek returns the tiffin pack to her and guarantees her about Asha’s wellbeing likewise illuminates her about the reports they get from Bangalore through which they can ready to get a stay request for Kadambari’s property. He then leaves the spot.

Sameer goes to Asha. He tells her that he is finished with her dramatizations and requests that she sign the papers or, more than likely will kill her. Asha lets him know that she previously let him know she will pass on however won’t sign the papers. Sameer flies off the handle yet controls himself. He requests that she not to kick the bucket for assisting obscure individuals and says that he is able to with giving her a modest amount of Kadambari’s property on the off chance that she signs the papers. Asha lets him know the Raina’s are her family and she will do anything for Zoon so won’t sign the papers.

Sameer gets incensed so he chooses to kill her by gagging her utilizing her dupatta. All of a sudden Ritesh Indu and Vivek comes there and isolates Sameer from Asha. Indu asks Asha is she fine subsequent to eliminating the dupatta from her neck and the last option guarantees. Ritesh communicates his mistake towards Sameer for doing this. Sameer threatens to not to save any of them. He then, at that point, learns cops are sitting tight for him outside so he says nobody can make any meaningful difference. Indu insults him and calls him beast. Vivek then takes Sameer with him to hand him over to the police. Ritesh asks Asha is she fine and the last option guarantees him she is fine.

Later Sunita brings Asha soup and requests that she have it so she can admonish her for seriously jeopardizing her life like this. Asha lets Sunita know that she is fine additionally she has full confidence in Indu that she wont let anything happen to her. Sunita then, at that point, stresses that still Zoon is Kadambari’s girl utilizing this Kadambari can do anything and each of their endeavors can go vain. Indu guarantees her nothing such will not occur and makes sense of Kadambari is in clinic additionally Sameer is in jail after she emerges from medical clinic she will go to assist Sameer then she with willing look how to get her property so they don’t need to stress over her. She further says Kadambari’s theatrics regarding her affection for Zoon won’t keep going long without a doubt. Asha likewise concurs with Indu.

Anjali gets a call from her school mate. She demands her to deal with the two days. Indu asks Anjali what’s wrong. Anjali educates her regarding the excursion and she chooses not to go on account of the circumstance in the house. Indu tells her that she needed her sister who is juvenile and obstinate and not so understanding one not the developed one which makes everybody grin. Indu then, at that point, urges Anjali to go for the excursion by guaranteeing they will deal with the circumstance here.

Kaamna goes to meet Sameer in the jail. She chastens him and tells him on account of her impact just she got the oppurtunity to meet him and educates him regarding the charges documented on him. Sameer ridicules at her and tells her how gravely he got thumped. Kaamna flies off the handle and furious. She asks him for what good reason he is doing this under Kadambari’s impact in light of which he is experiencing this way so begs him not to get affected by Kadambari. She likewise communicates her stress over his prosperity.

Sameer chooses to utilize this chance to acquire Kaamna’s compassion to get bail. He cries infront of her maxim he is enduring a great deal here so Kaamna guarantees to rescue him then, at that point, leaves the spot. In Malhotra’s home Zoon will not have food saying its exhausting yet gets blissful when Indu brings her pizza and chooses to have it. Kaamna shows up there and yells at Indu so Cart takes Zoon inside. Kaamna blames Indu for the explanation for Sameer is in prison now additionally issues are emerging between the relatives. Indu flies off the handle. Ritesh comes there and stands firm for Indu expressing Kaamna to not to fault Indu for Sameer’s activity likewise tells her she ought to have been severe with Sameer during his life as a youngster.

Kaamna asks him is he scrutinizing her childhood? In the event that that is the situation, why he and Vivaan turns out as a decent person? She then, at that point, begs Ritesh to rescue Sameer as he is enduring a great deal. When he gets back guarantees to ensure he wont rehash botches. Ritesh will not surrender to Kaamna’s solicitation so the last option chooses to take off from the house. Ritesh tells her that he won’t stop her and heads inside. Indu goes behind him. Kaamna looks on irately.

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