BJP MP Ramshankar Katheria said – Opposition is opposing the interests of Dalits under the cover of CAA


Etawah: The National Commission for Scheduled Castes, Professor Ramshankar Katheria, has said that the parties opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act are feeling that they will do it in favor of the Muslim vote bank, but it will not happen. He further said that the greed of vote bank is so much that they are opposing the interests of Dalit vote bank and Dalits.

Ramshankar Katheria said, ‘It has become clear that Dalit class people constitute around 70% of the refugees suffering from neighboring countries. It is the people who are members of the Scheduled Castes in Hinduism in India. Katheria said that similar people (Scheduled Castes) are the worst sufferers in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan and have sadly lived refugee lives in India for many years. Those opposing giving citizenship to such people are clearly opposed to Dalits.

Katheria also said that if Dalit society gets angry and takes to the streets, then the situation will deteriorate. Professor Ramshankar Katheria has appealed to the Dalit MPs from all political parties of the country to go beyond the party boundary and explain to the people of Muslim society on this issue and also pressurize the leaders of their respective parties.

He said that the fight against the citizenship law is actually being fought against the interests of 70 per cent Dalits who have been facing persecution in the neighboring countries for the last several years and have been living refugee lives in India for many years in the hope of helping. . The MP said that despite knowing the truth, in the greed of vote bank politics, people are opposing the citizenship law by being a victim of the conspiracy of fundamentalists.


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